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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote This video was recorded many months ago and I wasn’t able to upload it at the time. This man lives about a mile from the Rio Grande River and uses a pump that can be purchased for 20-40 dollars along with a 200 gallon tank and a truck. These three elements together is all this man needs to water his beautiful garden. This person has some fairly “serious” mental issues as well and (to me) that is more evidence that “if he can do it” so can you. Something to reflect on: Plenty of water, good soil, and bright sunlight is what you need. But if you aren’t willing to go “get it”, you wont “have” it. As long as you depend on your “system” to bring you water, you will remain “dependent” on “them” for “things” to “survive”, furthering the domestication process. Video Rating: / 5

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  • oshane williams 5 years ago

    This video is misleading it state categorically MASSIVE GARDEN?

  • farris ziad 5 years ago

    Thought the human being what he didn't know?

  • Joe Joe 5 years ago

    Did he say he has permission to take this water? I missed that part.?

  • A cheap drip irrigation system would make a much more efficient use of that water. ?

  • james dean 5 years ago

    free artisan spring water in san luis. the san luis valley is on top of the 2nd largest aquafier in north America this means geothermal hot springs and artisan springs. the ute Indians refer to this place as the source of life. lots for rent spring 2014?

  • Scott Yancey 5 years ago

    This is obviously one of my concerns about living in the area, how to get water, especially if ou can't afford to drill a well. I expect water could be distilled to make it pure if it is from the river or any other source. Distilled and filtered.

  • Chrisvelasco 5 years ago
  • Alex Ansary 5 years ago