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  • Avril Brathwaite 1 year ago

    Love you flap jack garden and thanks for the video

  • Cuca R 1 year ago

    7 days drying in the shade. 10 days under shade??

  • Angelo Abinan 1 year ago

    Hello maria, I'm from Philippines this is my first time watching your video and I Want to say thank you. because you share a lot of your ideas and skills about planting adenium on that way I can adopt more knowledge about you❤

  • kanta Kadbane 1 year ago

    Dear,Maria, Can i have goo codex by Desert rose cutting?

  • Jon 2017 1 year ago

    I cloned my desert rose with just scissors and a bottle of water see here

  • jabeen irfan 1 year ago

    Do you water it after seven days , when you put it in the sun?

  • PBR Streetgang 1 year ago

    I heard cinnamon can act like a rooting powder. Is this true?

  • Regina Howell 1 year ago

    Hi Maria it’s nice talking to you again this is Regina from Texas I am not able to find any of the soil that you wanted for us to use on our desert roses I still want to order a plant from you and I would like you to send me A list of the plants that you have here is my address is 601 royal oak Ingram Texas and the ZIP Code is 78025 and my last name is Regina Howell thank you so much for your videos I didn’t know I was lacking so much information on the desert rose .all I knew was that they were so beautiful , you have been a great help gain a new friend.

  • michitim 1 1 year ago

    Love you and your videos

  • michitim 1 1 year ago

    I got a small desert rose a year ago and it has not bloomed. I repotted it following your directions and in 2 weeks it already is starting to blossom.

  • Anthony Graham 1 year ago

    Thank you for your advice Maria. Did you use cactus soil for your soil?

  • Joleen Shultzabarger 1 year ago

    Maria, thank you! I am starting my cuttings now! I am cutting back an old desert rose! Your video was very easy to understand!

  • Kat Baleau 1 year ago

    What kind of fertilizer do you use Maria? I know you said high in nitrogen but do you use a particular type?

  • Jesse Munoz 1 year ago

    thank you

  • nenni670 1 year ago

    Great video darling!! May I ask why are my cuttings shrinking and wrinkling during my drying process? Will it still grow if I plant it for propagation? Thank you in advanced!! ❤️

  • Marivel Rivas 1 year ago

    Thank you Maria!! I've had my desert roses for two years but they are getting too tall. After watching this video, now I can trim and replant the cuttings instead of getting rid of them. Thank you again!

  • JaneDoe Conspiracy Girl 1 year ago

    Do u do orchids cuz mine keep dying

  • Omar Samaniego 1 year ago

    What fertilizer do you use for your desert rose?

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