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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Amber VanHecke, a 24-year-old college student, was on a spring break trip alone to the when her car ran out of gas. Video Rating: / 5


  • Mel Mel 2 months ago

    omg what a dumbass. she didn't think to go for a walk and try to get a signal the first day she got stuck out there! wtf?

  • gargamel55 2 months ago

    But you don't need internet for your GPS to work on your phone. It uses satellites.

  • Jesse Moreau 2 months ago

    Outdoorsy huh? Never seen a close to 200 pound outdoorsy woman…can you imagine eating 3000 calories worth of nuts and berries

  • Hani Naser 2 months ago

    I am working on a Kickstarter campaign that is an app that alerts you and pings your loved ones before your cell phone is about to lose gps or regular service. to many people don't realize they go out of service until it's to late. this app can save hikers and travelers life's.

  • Brother Ziti Al Forno - Peace Be Upon Him 2 months ago

    What a stupid bitch.

  • alright. 2 months ago

    I know a lot of people say shes dumb but she was just scared

  • ExplodingSheepYT 2 months ago

    How did the aliens not get her ????????

  • Shaaaoowww13 13 2 months ago

    Crackers aren't made for the AMERICA land

  • noah pritchard 2 months ago

    she made me cringe

  • Ashton's World 2 months ago

    That's why you travel with food, weapons, and survival kits

  • TruTechNow 2 months ago

    2 words: women driver

  • Lieutenant 2 months ago

    nice tits girl

  • MTNation 2 months ago

    "Healing emotionally" fucking kill yourself.

  • Riley Anne 2 months ago

    They need more signs that tell not to go down this road. Clearly marked signs.

  • Adrian Honningsvåg 2 months ago

    5 Days and still didn't lose any weight. Wtf

  • Dima Mironovs 2 months ago

    waited 5 days to walk 11 miles? what a lazy fat fucker hahahah

  • have these people even seen australia?

  • ccacaa 2 months ago

    Okay okay so she didn't fill up her tank to head into the desert, drove to the trail head with that little gas (because there are how many gas stations in the middle of nowhere where to get more gas???), she couldn't walk 10 miles or less to find cell service, and she was "legitimately lost" (according to her go fund me) on a road that was straight for miles on end…

    Scary? Yes, but come on.

    I'm gonna call bullshit on this one, Amber.

    Also where did she get 30+ bottles of water???

  • Strawbry 2 months ago

    Her dad is hot

  • The Blazed Sage 2 months ago

    How tell you how she did. The bitch from texas… we are immuned to hot ass weather. She good mann

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