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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] HOW TO ATTRACT HONEY BEES TO YOUR GARDEN Baja Fairy Duster is a great native shrub to plant in your garden if you are in one of the warm weather states like Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas or Nevada. I have had the Baja Fairy Duster in my garden ever since I moved to the hose. And as long as I water it regularly, it keeps blossoming and attracting bees to pollinate my plants. #gardeningtips #gardening101 #bees Hey! I hope you find this video helpful and if you have any questions, please post them in the comment section and I will answer them. If you find this episode helpful, please click the LIKE button below the video; it would mean the world to me. And if you would like to see more videos about organic gardening, gardening tips, healthy recipes and cooking tips, healthy lifestyle and home and kitchen tips and tricks, please subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on the link below: *PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: *SHOULD YOU BECOME A PATREON MEMBER, YOU WILL HELP ME CREATE MORE CONTENT: Tweets by AnOldSchoolHome *PLEASE SUPPORT MY CHANNEL WHEN SHOPPING ON AMAZON: (At no extra cost for you!) *MY TRAVEL CHANNEL: *MY VIDEO EQUIPMENT: Camera – Nikon D7200: Microphone – Rode: Tripod – Manfrotto: *YOU CAN FIND ME ON THIS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: **Facebook: **Twitter: **Pinterest: *An Old School Home* Video Rating: / 5


  • Edwin Thompson 5 months ago

    Hi Sasha do you know i have that plant.. or should i say plants in my garden {{ until now i never knew their name i also have a butterfly plant … strange but i do have a greenhouse to grow my exotic flowers and "naughty's " {{ can####s}} so the bees can be very productive {{ Oh my greenhouse is sectioned into two parts 14ft each section.. quite a difference here in Beverly Hills {{1009 Providence Place Belvidere…. Sasha thanks for letting me know the name glad about that …………See ya Blessing to ya ……Ed

  • UT33200 5 months ago

    That is a really cool plant. The leaves on it have those fern type panels that can open and close a bit like solar panels based on the sun. Will have to look into it more. Really great shrub to have around. Thanks for the share!

  • BobMel simple living 5 months ago

    Reminds me of our bottle brush plant. Looks very nice. Best wishes Bob.

  • ranal 5 months ago

    very pretty…the bees seem to like it too.

  • Michelle Harris 5 months ago


  • Midwest Gardener 5 months ago

    That's very attractive even if it didn't attract bees. Yep, anything that keeps the bees happy is a pretty great thing to grow!

  • An Old School Home 5 months ago

    Should you wish to buy Baja Fairy Duster seeds, you can do so here:

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