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  • Raivis Klovs 5 years ago

    i just came to see how egg looks like cause he is already hatching for me
    (i breeded element dragon and nature dragon.?

  • Cesar Ayala 5 years ago

    Thank you now I have a cactus dragon ?

  • Rafid Hidayatullah 5 years ago

    try star + nature ?

  • John von battlefield 5 years ago

    same problem get 4 x tropical did it like the exaple nauur terra and visa
    versa still nature dagon?

  • JustinPlayzMc24 5 years ago

    Does this mean the end of DragonCity series?

  • Casey Cristobal 5 years ago

    I keep on getting tropical dragons?

  • Jason Chap 5 years ago

    I breed nature and terra but the breeding time is 8h
    And the nature dragon is on the left?

  • siddharth kumar 5 years ago

    I get 4 times tropical dragon !!!!?

  • bryan alan 5 years ago

    thank you wbangcahd I finally got the Cactus dragon?

  • Carly Ann 5 years ago

    when I breed terra and nature, I always get the tropical dragon. how do I
    get this one? do they have to be at a certain level? ?

  • CullenVersusGaming 5 years ago

    wbangcaHD, what screen recorder do you use??

  • Indigo'sGaming?Channel 5 years ago

    Quite a good beginner dragon, sometimes I still use it in combat lol?

  • Serrated Gametry 5 years ago

    @Carly Ann I think the tropica dragon is better that the cactus dragon?

  • wbangcaHD 5 years ago

    How to breed Cactus Dragon 100% Real! Dragon City Mobile! wbangcaHD!

  • Ghazty Maple 5 years ago

    Hey whats up? For those of u who have my singing monsters, could u please
    sub to my channel and check out my vids? Also like my islands on the game
    🙂 my friend code is 4485323ef, thanks

  • Squirel400 5 years ago

    You should try to look how to get the dragonian beast in monster legends?

  • BeanR 5 years ago

    HAHAHAHHAHAHHAH Sorry but that voice crack in the beginning! xD?

  • Oscar Sanders 5 years ago

    you can make a simpler afk machine using a fence post, a water bucket, and
    like 4 blocks
    search up worlds simplest afk machine on youtube?

  • ChrisOG Gaming 5 years ago

    how did you get a personal place??

  • Coal56 5 years ago

    I would change if your fingers hurt after playing a while your controls
    should be better like my controls are shiftq the moves are the same rune
    inventoryf throwc

  • gregory chan 5 years ago

    where did you build your base??

  • Joey Long 5 years ago

    the ip for this server is

  • David Czarnik 5 years ago

    Just a tip the sand will break the vine if you are playing in 1.8. Most
    servers however allow 1.7.10 which you can do this technique.?

  • Jared Ireland 5 years ago

    for the afk Machine u made with the water u can take away those 2 blocks
    and replace the stair with a slab and by the looks of things u go a wee bit

  • ConnorKrazy 5 years ago

    Can u do this farm inside?

  • gmodman12 5 years ago

    that type of cactus farm isn’t very good. Testing the amount of cactus that
    drops from one level of cactus only yields about 45% since the cactus
    sometimes drops on other cactus blocks and destroys them. Don’t waste your
    time on this type when there are other, more efficient ways of doing this.?

  • Ryan MC 5 years ago

    what server u on??

  • thatdinosoar cametominecraft 5 years ago

    What server where you on? Please reply.?

  • Tahmid Washy 5 years ago

    Can’t u just craft a hopper…?

  • mert uludag 5 years ago

    what is the ip of the server?

  • CasuallyInsane 5 years ago

    the best afk machine is where you have a fence post with a water source one
    block up and one block next to it and it will make you constantly jump?

  • SpaceMan Eminence 5 years ago

    What’s the IP to that server? Looks awesome?

  • WEYUMMM 5 years ago

    Hey Andrew, could you consider streaming tonight???

  • Carter Cornish 5 years ago

    What server do you play on?

  • OpTic 384 5 years ago

    Minecarts aren’t good for afk machines cos clear lag deletes the minecarts
    because the coding of the game recoginzes the minecart as an entety so
    clear ag will delete it but idk if it will if a player is on the minecart
    let me know if you have any info?

  • SpaceMan Eminence 5 years ago

    What’s the IP to that server? Looks awesome?

  • KnifeNeedzKillz 5 years ago

    Is this faction fire??

  • IosROF - Ios Gaming 5 years ago

    Use ice to make the cacti go faster on the water stream?

  • Jupiter Gaming 5 years ago

    I have an efficient money making cactus farm on my channel too! Check it
    out if you want! ?

  • Eddie Richardson 5 years ago


  • MineBloxy 5 years ago

    Lol for my server you do /AFK and it won’t kick you because it knows your