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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Click show more…and please like/subscribe! ↑(◕ᴗ◕✿) Watch and learn as I expand my succulent and cacti garden in Houston, Texas! I didn’t think it was possible due to our rain and bizarro weather, but I was determined to give it a try and look at me now! I hope this video inspires you to find a space to xeriscape, even if it’s just a couple of feet wide to start like mine was. After this addition, it will be 9 feet wide 🙂 A quick list of the materials you’ll see in this video: Pumice, porous ceramic soil conditioner/Turface, expanded shale, river rocks; check out the Supplies page at for more information and where I get them. For more backstory on this space and progress shots check out this post on my website here: **** Future video ideas and comments? Please drop them below! Now you can support Sucs for You on Patreon! As a patron, you’ll receive all kinds of cool perks- check it out: ✿ About Sucs For You! Featuring demonstrations of how to propagate and care for succulents and cacti, and other tips on working with these beautiful plants in challenging climates. With Andrea Afra, based out of Houston, Texas, Garden Zone 9A. ✿ Follow me elsewhere! -Instagram: -Facebook Sucs Talk and Shop group:… -Facebook page: -Flickr: ✿ Read about care tips and more at: ✿ Supplies I use: ✿ I have an ‘Ask SFY’ page and a tip jar on my site for folks who find my advice helpful enough to offer a token of thanks, as well as for those who want to ask a lot of questions but feel awkward about ‘taking up too much time’ 😉 Click the ‘tip pot’ image: […]


  • fred b 2 years ago

    can you come to florida help me with my garden

  • Roonitochka 2 years ago

    I'm just watching your videos because you're so passionate about your plants. It's as if I'm sharing it with you. Just a joy to watch! Thank you! positive plant vibes 😀

  • naveed sangi 2 years ago


  • Jayde Scott 2 years ago


  • bluesmavin 2 years ago

    How did you protect during the freeze/ did it work/

  • Matthew Kaczer 2 years ago

    I know what I'm doing in May against a west facing wall 🙂 it looks great! I love the echeverias, beautiful display with everything.

  • SolidGoldShows 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed your video

  • Tori R 2 years ago

    Very nice video! Great job! I'm looking forward to more!

  • Roots Nursery Cape Cod 2 years ago

    You Are Great… thanks for sharing…

  • Headlines Endtimes 2 years ago

    Love it love it, I have an area in my back yard that has an adult Nopal plant, I think Im going to do mine in that area

  • Margarita Fitzgerald 2 years ago

    That looks fantastic! Nice job. You're giving me some great ideas for my yard. Been in our house for 16 years, re did the landscape 10 years ago and now it's time for a revamp. Definitely adding some more cacti to our cacti garden and lots of gorgeous succulents as well.

  • Iza Szydlowska 2 years ago

    Absolutely stunning! And I love the instructional format of this video. I find it inspiring and I learned some great pointers for expanding my sempervivum garden 🙂 Thank your for posting this!

  • Jade Star 2 years ago

    Very nice. I like how you built up the areas. Thank you for the video.

  • Dawn Pleasant 2 years ago

    I'm excited about this because it means I may be able to do this as well in my zone. What is the name of that amazing opuntia that's in the back to the right? I've never seen one with that pad shape.

  • Adam Phan 2 years ago

    Your mammillaria look amazing! They're so tall and beautiful! Mine are still small. But they're pushing through this winter weather. I wish I could ground plant mine, but I'm moving soon. So I have to eventually pack all my plant babies and take them with me. I just hope they don't fall out their pots and spill dirt all over my car

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