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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, shows you how to build an inexpensive raised garden bed. Start are garden today. Read great companion text to the video here: SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE MAGAZINE: Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • rlrsk8r1 7 years ago

    If you aren’t using pressure treated wood, be sure to paint all? surfaces with exterior house paint to prevent rotting. Or Urethane.

  • Kolby Traveller 7 years ago

    this HD 360p? video is blowing my mind!

  • SethHesio 7 years ago

    For people complaining about this video, remember this lady is just an amateur making an instructional video for YouTube… for free for us to watch and learn from. It’s not perfect, but it’s a nice thing she’s done?? here. Let’s all play nice! 🙂 (I do agree that her hair should be tied back though!)

  • wihappycow 7 years ago

    Great video, thanks! I DO however agree with pulling your long hair back when using power tools. You might think you are being carefull until a? strand gets caught in the rotating head…yikes!

  • Rabbitzblue 7 years ago


  • SparrowSquad 7 years ago

    I have? nothing nice to say.

  • NewWorldOmagh 7 years ago


  • Chivas6 7 years ago

    Wash your mouth out,? jeez.

  • Chivas6 7 years ago

    Absolutely! My wife got her hair caught in my Bosch power drill. It was pretty? scary. Thankfully the drill was fine. But still….

  • bigboigarden 7 years ago

    Great video! Yall? make sure to checkout my garden

  • aussietuff 7 years ago

    well? said

  • zoeonthegotvshow 7 years ago

    You say Live stock…What do you mean? Great video? BTW..made it look easy:)

  • DJMovit 7 years ago

    I’d wish she’d do some updates on some of her video’s. I haven’t seen anything new. Nor? does it seem anyone from her site respond to questions. This could be a really cool interactive channel

  • Andrew DeVore 7 years ago

    This from the guy who whined for 13 minutes about how cal spa wouldn’t fix? his hot tub after he screwed up the ph

  • iwatcher69 7 years ago

    Why? the fuck are you complaining you stupid FUCK? I see you’re another stupid useless douchebad who spends too much time on the internet bitching and complaining about other peoples success because you’re too much of a fucking loser. Why don’t you get out from under your moms bridge and go out and do something productive you JERKOFF!!!!

  • runetamers7 7 years ago

    They are raised beds. But when her raised beds aren’t in use, she keeps her livestock (chickens, Rabits, etc.) In the raised beds and their poop becomes fertilizer for the next growing season. Making the cage to hold the livestock in is completely optional so if you don’t plan on buying some chickens or rabits, just stick to the script. You? should watch all her instructional videos of building these so you can actually grasp the concept offered here.

  • Praxxus55712 7 years ago

    Patti,? build me a house will ya?

  • EatThePlant 7 years ago

    I find GardenGirl’s videos to be very inspiring. I actually just started getting into vegetable and fruit gardening late last year and after doing my research decided to start out with a raised garden bed. It is about 12 ft wide X 5 ft deep X 12 inches high and was a great learning experience. The pests were the hardest and most frustrating part to deal with. Please take a look at it on my? Youtube channel and give me some feedback. I love to learn from others. Thanks.

  • MrUrbangreen 7 years ago

    You have to? see our tomatoes …..Go to my channel? …… MrUrbangreen

  • eatingperson 7 years ago

    What? These aren’t gardens, they’re for keeping animals.

    I’m going to be building a raised bed garden,? but I will be living in it. Most people call these houses but for today I’ll say I’m making a raised bed garden.

  • jlantin 7 years ago

    Man! what’s up with all the negativity??! If you don’t like the content then change the darn video! And keep your rudeness to yourself! I understand people are entitled to? an opinion, but that doesn’t license someone to be insulting!

  • TubeYourTV 7 years ago

    Yet ANOTHER do it yourselfer who gets a couple tools, someone to hold a camera and a computer and now thinks she’s so awesome that she needs to do this elaborate home video (complete with Bob Villa like introduction)? like shes got her own show just because YouTube is free (for the moment). Hopefully YouTube will wise up and just charge so that the world doesn’t keep uploading anything and every little crazy waste of computer storage space they feel like. I’m surprised they haven’t already.

  • glovering102 7 years ago

    How to build a box,? by some broad who’s kinda cute in a weird, down syndrome sort of way

  • BoyYardee 7 years ago

    Great technique! I like the stackability factor. Thank? you!