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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Building a raised vegetable bed can be an easy and fun weekend project. For a full list of materials and tools and a set of instructions go to this link:

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  • Roland Close 7 years ago

    good presentation. good video. thanks for posting.?

  • Elizabeth Chasteen 7 years ago

    Negative Comments!!! This project is very simple. If you think that you cannot handle cutting and screwing together a few boards then gardening probably gonna be too difficult as well. The steps of making a garden box are not unnecessary. You? cannot just use any wood or screws. It must be naturally rot resistant wood and outdoor screws. Treated lumber has chemicals that will harm your soil and veggies. By the way raised beds are better than traditional crop rows-less compaction & better drainage

  • tommidrab 7 years ago

    pay me? lol

  • tommidrab 7 years ago

    1×6 ‘s?thats what i just used? lol, like $2.5 a piece at local H-Depot

  • James Hudson 7 years ago

    Great video. Thanks for the ideas. I’m planning on making my raised garden bed 4 by 10 so my son can reach the middle. It should be? a fun project for the two of us this fall and something to look forward to when spring comes. 🙂

  • getplanting 7 years ago

    Thanks for the vid, clear instructions,? now time to get planting!

  • 1cor13Godislove 7 years ago

    I found cedar fencing at only $2.25 each after tax and found them easy to make beds of 3 ft x 3 ft so the lumber cost was only $5.50. I am trying to find cost effective? ways to help some families in housing projects that are brand new to gardening. I am searching for the best resources. This looks helpful.

  • Nickk415 7 years ago

    untreated? you bitch made

  • averagemale2000 7 years ago

    now? what?

  • LaoSoftware 7 years ago

    I agree with you. I’m lazy too. That’s why I’m getting? 3 garden window boxes. It’s pre-built.I don’t need to assemble them like in the video. LOL.

  • MrUrbangreen 7 years ago

    You have to see our tomatoes? …..Go to my channel? …… MrUrbangreen

  • versacegillis 7 years ago

    Wow, this is alot of work,? Id rather pay somebody. :s

  • MrEnergyCzar 7 years ago

    You can raise it up to? save your back by putting legs under it and a screen….

  • dinah259 7 years ago

    Great vid and tips! Question: What do you think about? putting one of those weed protection sheets underneath the raised garden bed? Will that hinder the roots? Is it okay to mix the dirt with compost/manure/etc?

  • roobixq 7 years ago

    very simple thank? you much appreciated

  • eatvids 7 years ago

    Cutting planks at home depot is free.?

  • zOMGLaserGunzPewPew 7 years ago

    how much do? they charge for cutting the planks?

  • ceciley heck 7 years ago

    Its not that high off the ground.?

  • Denver Skip 7 years ago

    You’re correct? but pre-drilling will keep ANY wood from splitting.

  • Denver Skip 7 years ago

    Its amazing how many people complain about this. It’s a simple, easy, INEXPENSIVE project. If you don’t like? it or how it’s done STFU!

  • gymkhanadog 7 years ago

    This kinda has the feel of gardening for the well-to-do class as a quaint hobby. Expensive lumber and extra steps. You also threw out bunches of good organic material that would have fed the plants.

    3, 2x4x10 pine. Cut the third 2×4 into? 3 equal lengths, screw everything together. No need for predrilling. Use a garden weasel (far superior than any shovel!) to tear up the grass and soil, add lots of compost, mix more, cover with newspaper/cardboard and use more compost to hold it down. No weeds!

  • TheXJthatCould 7 years ago

    you? must be from the city…

  • coolkid92003 7 years ago

    U made? it too complicated all u need us 4 pieces of the same size wood some screws and a screw driver or drill

  • BackyardDiscoveryCo 7 years ago

    Thanks for the great? tips!

  • RockLeeFan1 7 years ago

    You didn’t predrill the holes just because you didn’t want the wood split, you had to predrill them, because you had to screw them in with that? crappy screwgun.