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  • erochow 7 years ago

    to make raised vegetable beds the cost depends on what you already have, and what you can get for free, etc. so i? can’t provide a detailed cost of the raised bed, sorry. but use what you got, find some lumber in a dumpster, or maybe a neighbor has some lumber they don’t need? thanks, eric.

  • 84176104 7 years ago

    How much was the cost and include the cost of the? soil please

  • erochow 7 years ago

    would love to see some photos of your? raised beds! email me eric + i will be posting new how to make raised beds soon, with some different raised bed designs. thanks, eric.

  • Amy Guillen 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for making this video. It always seems a little more frightening than what it really is to make a project like this. I’m showing my husband this video and were making these. Thanks again… I really enjoy? your videos, very informative!

  • erochow 7 years ago

    give? it a try, done is better than perfect is what we say, thanks, eric.

  • superslyfoxx1 7 years ago

    I am so not the builder type but I really would? like to try to make some planters for Fall gardening. Buying containers is getting expensive. Thanks for the video.

  • erochow 7 years ago

    i could throw the frisbee all day for the Labradors, they are obsessed with it or a tennis ball. thanks for watching, eric.?

  • Littlebluetrike 7 years ago

    Just throw the? frisbee!

  • dinah259 7 years ago

    Love the commentary and the wife’s ad-libs!! She kind of sounds like Victoria? Jackson…what do you think?

  • asaliniota1 7 years ago

    once you set the raised bed do you dig the grass out or just grow on? top of it

  • Ter Ber 7 years ago

    Very entertaining and refreshing! Makes me feel comfortable trying? to do this myself!

  • erochow 7 years ago

    i’m not sure, i’m not a soil or wood expert. maybe a web search might help? with that one? thx eric – GardenFork

  • Thunderchild2010 7 years ago

    Thanks for the tips. If I was to use treated timber but covered? it with a plastic lining would that be ok?

  • erochow 7 years ago

    good to hear that, take some pictures and send them to me,? ‘eric’ + ‘’ thx.

  • grace6384 7 years ago

    thanks for? the tip i’m doing mines today.

  • erochow 7 years ago

    glad you liked watching the raised bed video and the dogs, please consider subscribing, eric. ?

  • TheRyanMuze 7 years ago

    Really fun way to learn. Thank you all (Including your? dogs)

  • erochow 7 years ago

    yeah, the Labradors are all about retrieving. we buy tennis balls by the box on ebay. thx, eric -? gardenfork

  • sundogforlove 7 years ago

    Yes, you are not a carpenter with those stupid gloves but, you have some great dogs, your wife sounds nice and so do you and I love you videos. ?

  • darkcoffeeclouds 7 years ago

    Haha, you build like my? husband. He said it was “roughly flush”. Too bad you weren’t around when the guys at Home Depot talked him into buying this whole set of cordless power tools. They suck and the batteries never hold a charge longer enough to finish a job. He has said a lot of bad words.

  • erochow 7 years ago

    thanks for watching, please consider subscribing to our? channel, we post new vids each week. eric.

  • Aubrey Franklin 7 years ago

    Thanks for the info! This was very pleasant to? watch, you guys are hilarious =P

  • erochow 7 years ago

    i’ve seen garden beds that are basically built on heavy duty? tables, that would work for you. thanks for watching, eric – GardenFork

  • emeraldgypsyheart 7 years ago

    I want to know how to raise the beds up to? waist high because i have trouble bending for long periods of time. Thx!

  • erochow 7 years ago

    instead of making this a double or triple high bed, i use chicken wire to hill the potatoes. we have a how to hill potatoes video on our YouTube Channel, if you click on our channel link above? ‘ erochow ‘ and search for potatoes on the channel page you will see it. thanks, eric – GardenFork