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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote A video on how to take care of cacti and succulents. Brought to you by Highlands Garden Center in Centennial, Colorado. We carry a large variety of cacti and succulents year round that are mainly from Buena Vista, Colorado. These make great houseplants and are very easy to take care of. Enjoy. Video Rating: / 5

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  • pocoboba 5 years ago

    She reminds me of that girl from napoleon dynamite lol?

  • BrolicG 5 years ago

    those tips on how to care for them are really useful!! thank you very much!?

  • Anjelyn Roberts 5 years ago

    haha I've killed 2 aloe vera due to over watering and my succulents are on the verge of dying just cause I over water them, I just got a cactus and im going to try the best not to kill it >.<?

  • SpartaDoesMC 5 years ago

    If your in colorado you should go ahead and just take care of weed ?

  • Danny Doty 5 years ago

    She cute tho ?

  • Landscape Pro's 5 years ago

    #?Planting? ?#?succulents? in your lawn gives it a bright look with a ?#?Rainbow? palette of ?#?Colours? . Here, is a video on how to ?#?Care? for your ?#?succulents? .

  • Liliana Azmi 5 years ago

    what should I do when it turns yellow? did i do too much watering? if so how to fix it :(?

  • Karina Lopez 5 years ago

    I now you

  • Devin Reading 5 years ago

    youre reading off a script damn this was hard to watch?

  • Bhupinder Godara 5 years ago
  • john lavon 5 years ago

    all my cactus can with stand

  • Eek D'cat 5 years ago

    She looks like a peanuts gang character all growed up.?

  • Ashley Nicole 5 years ago

    How about care in cold northern climates? I have one left standing so how do I keep it going? I keep it in the kitchen near the window. I water it once a month but I think my mother waters it more behind my back because the leafs are a little soft.?

  • BEARISMFASHION 5 years ago

    Could someone help my ruby ball head turn yellow and so otherwise the yellow ball turn red is it normal??

  • Its Vale 5 years ago

    thank you?

  • Cherise Machaba 5 years ago

    thank You!!!!!!!!!!I was going to kill the poor thing!?

  • G4KDXlive 5 years ago

    Some cacti dislike the winters here in England because it's so dark.?

  • Autumn Brown 5 years ago

    super jealous of your job?

  • 1999ZackC 5 years ago

    Why is my cactus wrinckled at the bottom and dark green?

  • Jim Neilson 5 years ago

    Fyi Cacti are succulents.?