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  • STS Draws 1 month ago

    Thank you very much ! I got one today and I needed to make sure I wasn't overwatering it 🙂

  • Alba Toni 1 month ago

    and i wanna ask you about my cactus.. it is a little tiny cactus but a little part of it was broken and it fell of.. it scares me that maybe the whole cactus will fall apart.. can you give me an advice.. thank you 🙂

  • Alba Toni 1 month ago

    what is to fertilize the plant ??

  • Brenda Sullivan 1 month ago

    very good video all your advice was good.will hopefully keep someone from killing their plants

  • suzanne aji 1 month ago

    very pretty

  • Mia Kay 1 month ago


  • Squeble 1 month ago

    When come new Stone and mineral videos

  • Sanina Yoshi 1 month ago

    I have found some kind of stone in a very cold river, yet i dont know which one it is, but im very sure it is not just a normal stone. Its red-yellow-brownish so if anyone knows minerals and gems better than me pls hit me up ill send you a picture!

  • chnginurstrynow 1 month ago

    you should show all your gems and minerals in a video.

  • JoonPo 1 month ago

    i don't see you have dragin fruit cactus plant to your collection…maybe you do and i dont see it

  • Alex Kautz 1 month ago

    What a truly wonderful collection! Thank you for sharing Liz! I can't wait to see what happens if you start combining your minerals in your gardening displays!

  • Judith Youngquist 1 month ago

    Absolutely awesome! Could you slow down next tour? Would love to see more close ups, Truly beautiful!!

  • Charlene Howard 1 month ago

    Wow! I didn't see any living stones from Africa. Did I miss them?

  • SquidySaurus 1 month ago

    i think this is fantastic

  • dino playz 1 month ago

    omg you commented back

  • dino playz 1 month ago

    liz i love your vids you r the best

  • nidal badran 1 month ago


  • Chris SSDD 1 month ago

    What happened to your website Liz? I went looking to buy some more gold but it's no longer there 🙁

  • Margaret Norvell 1 month ago

    Please a video on how to propagate

  • Coleen Taylor 1 month ago

    so beautiful Liz I love cacti and succulents I had so many when I lived in California now I'm on the south coast too cold hope you have been doing well have missed seeing you in videos how is Walt and of course sweet Pedro huggs from Echo & me

  • JOAQUIM MOURINHO 1 month ago

    thanks for a beautiful collection and never stopping !! Cheers LIZ

  • Mike West 1 month ago

    Superb collection and beautiful pottings but did you leave anything at the greenhouse for other people to buy? LoL! I love the prehistorically simple structure of these kinds of plants. Look forward to seeing more.

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