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  • skateboy159 7 years ago

    u dont need all the stuff i use miracle grow stuff u mix in water in the spring and summer and pellet calcium and magnesium lime in fall only use cup per 10×10 foot spot or a tablesoon every square foot or u can get compost or farms manure compost it and put 1-2 inches around the plants that does better then anything u can buy from the? stores

  • zagrix 7 years ago

    if you dont care then dont watch? the video

  • zagrix 7 years ago

    can u use all the types of plant food or just one type??

  • NIGHTCRAWLER504 7 years ago

    Kellog patio plus? the best!!!

  • social3ngin33rin 7 years ago

    next howcast:
    how to use the things list at the? end of this video

  • chelsea3591 7 years ago

    people sniff this shit?

  • AngryAngel69 7 years ago

    Just shit? on them.

  • paulerland 7 years ago

    This video is very good, but one thing is… why they show us the Soils Analysis Step since most of the people doesn’t know how to interpret it? At the end… they recommend you to analyze your soil but they don’t? tell you what are you gonna do with the results… the true is that is kinda complicated to understand the results and then calculate the amount of fertilizer your soil need. Consider always using compost, it’s natural and will never damage or contaminate your soils.

  • paulerland 7 years ago

    yes… definitely, but you might wanna let it compost it with the rest of the material you have until the smells? disappear, otherwise you will be having bad smell coming from your garden… sure you don’t want that.

  • ownagedawggy 7 years ago


  • tonylee1973 7 years ago

    Hey? guys can doggie doo doo be used as for compost?

  • hilanne0088 7 years ago

    It doesn’t have to be that complex… really you just need some compost and/or Miracle? grow and lots of water when you plant it in the ground [It encourages the roots to not be shocked and grow towards the water]

    Still, I love these videos. majority of them are very helpful.

  • Angie Li 7 years ago

    ur mom cares lol jk?

  • supermanxevan 7 years ago

    all right, you do that!?

  • Prim Laffalot 7 years ago

    NO? ONE!

  • frulle1 7 years ago

    WHO? CARES!!!!

  • Xclann 7 years ago

    Can you use? all those methods or only one of them?

  • BinkieMcFartnuggets 7 years ago

    The best way to go green is to get rid? of your water wasting toilet and crap in a garden.

  • slylink690 7 years ago

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  • JohnnySoprano87 7 years ago

    The best thing to do though is develop a mini ecosystem in your garden and make your own compost so the little bugs and such do all the soil and? nutrient recycling for you 🙂 Bugs and worms rock 🙂

  • animefreakallday 7 years ago

    i get like 10 bloody videos a day, i’m going to unsubscribe!!?

  • CJKoda 7 years ago


  • Baloo Dumptruck 7 years ago

    last? comment

  • cookiecamp 7 years ago

    wow this must be? one there best videos yet

  • camwoodstock 7 years ago

    first comment? woot!