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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote My kids and I show the Gardening Australia TV team around our organic backyard full of fruit vegetable and chickens Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • ThisOrganicLife 7 years ago

    Such an amazing garden Tim, I wish I had a plot like yours… I have? to borrow mine for now shhh 😉
    You’re an inspiration 🙂

  • DC180 7 years ago

    Great! A lot of work though but? you should love it.

  • martysgarden 7 years ago

    You have to just love Gardening? Australia! Great show

  • Crystal Tweeboom 7 years ago

    Wow!? Beautiful garden!

  • Willtheharris 7 years ago

    Man, this makes me really want to plant some nice, fresh daffodil and tulip bulbs, I’ve got this garden at the moment, and honestly- I have never seen soil so? keen for life!
    Garden on!

  • reynoldsj22 7 years ago

    doing your part, and showing it off. Nice work dude. ? You’re well within your right to be mega-proud of your work.

  • TimxR99 7 years ago

    Its called a yacon and lots of other things besides – if you search? on that you’ll definitely find some links



  • marketinggeekpro 7 years ago

    oops, found it in another? question. Thanks

  • marketinggeekpro 7 years ago

    Hi Tim,

    Nice garden. I listened to the verbage around the tuber you stored in sand and ate several times? but I cant make out what you called them. I thought you said it was a yukon sunflower but not much comes up in a google search. What was that vegatable, I would like to plant some. Thanks.

  • ldeiker 7 years ago

    Bravo! You have very lucky children. They are receiving? such an essential education!

  • TimxR99 7 years ago

    -? Thanks

  • TimxR99 7 years ago


  • permacultureutah 7 years ago

    Hey Tim love it man Keep up? the good work..

  • Thangamma thangs 7 years ago

    naturally? air conditioned… very beautiful!

  • 68NYC2 7 years ago


  • Catherine Alexander 7 years ago

    What a garden!? I’m jealous. But I did get some great ideas — thanks!

  • TimxR99 7 years ago

    Thank? you

  • OurHumbleLife 7 years ago


  • WhackedOutWax 7 years ago

    those are lucky kids growing up in such a magical garden 🙂

  • vidaripollen 7 years ago

    superb work.cauliflower s a perenniel ! you can? grow again n again in warm places!!!

  • vidaripollen 7 years ago

    superb? work.

  • Missy Rabbit 7 years ago

    your garden is? BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • au0rey 7 years ago

    Hi Tim, I am trying post some? questions but cant manage to do so.

  • TimxR99 7 years ago

    – the main thing with using chooks in the garden is only letting them go where you want them to go ! They are indescriminate in what they’ll scratch up and where? they will poo !

  • TimxR99 7 years ago

    The root plant is called a Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) – grows very well in mild climates with a long growing season. My kids eat it raw, but it performs a bit like a waterchestnut in a stirfry? -i.e a bit of crunch with a burst of sweetness.