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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote ►(Ad) – Create Your Own Professional Photography Website With SmugMug! – Learn More & Get Your 14 Day Free Trial Today:► In this video I will share all of my secrets and techniques that I use when editing a sunset photo. Instead of going for the classical orange look, I will focus on getting a great variety of colors and a overall dynamic picture. Keep in mind that my main focus was to show all of the tools in lightroom and explain them rather than going for the perfect look, also, I get why most people woud consider this overdone, even I think it is a bit over the top to be honest. You don’t have to go as far as I have gone however, with any of the adjustments, you can go halfway or even just a quarter as far and use the adjustments you find fitting for your photo & editing style. Subscribe For More Photography Videos: ————————————- List of other Lightroom Tutorials: Lightroom In Depth Tutorials Playlist!► Lightroom Quick Edits Playlist!► Dodge and Burning Tutorial!► Simulate Composition And Lighting Very Easily!► Wildlife Editing Tutorial!► Create Amazing Sunsets In Depth Explained!► Lightroom In Depth Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial 001!► Lightroom In Depth Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial 002!► Lightroom In Depth Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial 003!► Lightroom In Depth Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial 004!► Black and White Editing Tutorial 001!► Black and White Editing Tutorial 002!► Black and White Editing Tutorial 003!► Black and White Editing Tutorial 004!► B&W Portrait Editing Tutorial!► Turn Your Bad Raw Files into Great Pictures 001!► Turn Your Bad Raw Files into Great Pictures 002!► […]


  • Ignacio Feliciano 1 year ago

    This video has been very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with others, God Bless!

  • Charlie Bond 1 year ago

    Where was this taken?!?!?!?!?!

  • MacKensie Cornelius 1 year ago

    Your videos have really been helping me, thanks!

  • Julianign 1 year ago

    I don't like it.. it's so fake.

  • Moonsover326 1 year ago

    too much pink/purple skies.

  • Lincoln the Pointeraner 1 year ago

    Amazing! I'm so in love with the way PS can turn a regular photo into a true piece of art! You make this all look so easy… hopefully I'll be able to navigate around PS as well as you do someday soon! Keep up the awesome work… your editing style is right up my alley!!

  • Rose Davis 1 year ago

    Excellent video!! This helped me so much. Thank you!!!

  • Ronald Cherrington 1 year ago

    I really appreciated this video. Just learning how to use the tools available in lightroom was a plus. I see a few negative comments about the end product after post processing being fake and doctored, etc, etc. I am from the old school from the days of film photography. No photographer released their original as a final product. Post processing in the darkroom as well as physically making adjustments on the film negative was a normal part of the overall process. So I say to those of you who are happy with your image straight from the camera, stop there and be happy, but don't knock someone's creative efforts.. For those of you that want to be creative and explore all the possibilities that you can imagine, go for it, ignore the naysayers and do your thing. Thank you very much Yuri. That was quite a lesson.

  • Swamesh Walke 1 year ago

    Awesome..ik the final edit looks painted as some may call it. But appreciate u showing all the tools..

  • Suzen Fields 1 year ago

    Yuri, great video, very specific and thorough! Thank you so much!!

  • Максим Марков 1 year ago

    Really nice tutorial, thanks! What cameralens are you using?

  • Krishna Saraswat 1 year ago

    I just loved your editing..

  • AFDD2-1.6 1 year ago

    so now, people give the faking a new name?

  • Andreas Lang 1 year ago

    Super, ich mache aus einem Foto ein Bild, das so niemals passiert ist.

  • ahmad assous 1 year ago

    how to fuck a picture in 44 minutes

  • peanut monkey 1 year ago

    Yuri, you are amazing! I was grabbing my face closer to the end out of amusement. You are Thomas Kinkade of Lightroom, of post-processing. Thank you for this, really helpful… The best tutorial, also great narration.

  • hellishsnake 1 year ago

    24:10 was good, after that was over editing

  • Chester Joseph 1 year ago

    After watching this if i needed to come back to something spcific it would be nice if you could addd time stamps in the description

  • Chester Joseph 1 year ago

    As a beginner to lightroom and this being the first thing i wanted to do in light room i was expecting it to be complicated and wasn't looking forward to watching a 45 minute video but i'm glad i did because you explained so much very clearly and very informative thank you so much for this super in depth tutorial

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