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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Free pattern: How to Crochet a Chain How to Single Crochet (US) Double Crochet (UK) for Beginners Amigurumi Magic Ring (Circle) For Beginners How to Increase in the Magic Ring (Circle) Thanks for watching! Follow me on Instagram at: Check out my blog for the free written patterns: Video Rating: / 5 I’m the person who don’t have a talent with growing nice plants so I decided to try succulent and Cactus since it doesn’t need extreme care. In this video I will show you guys How I repot cacti and succulent as a beginner. Disclaimer I am a beginner with these stuff so bear with me! Email: Instagram/Twitter: @immaceasar Cabanatuan, Thank you for watching loves! ✨ cactus Garden Succulent Garden Video Rating: / 5


  • smxm73 2 weeks ago

    Hello, thank you so much for this video, I love it! Am trying to teach myself to crochet and this is brilliant. Can you please tell me how to adjust the flower so that it looks like one of your yellow cactus flowers? A few less petals and a bit longer. Thank you so much.

  • Romans 14 KJV 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for this.. Thanks for the clear visual instruction as well as the clear & slow verbal instruction. Many, many others either fly through verbal instruction or the visual or both unfortunately which totally defeats the purpose of a tutorial both verbally & visually. You are on point with clear concise instruction, thank you..

  • Queen 07 2 weeks ago

    Thank you very much..cute.. new subscriber ☺️

  • Nettie Santos 2 weeks ago

    This came out so cute.

  • Joyce and Ray Smith 2 weeks ago

    So cute and well demonstrated. .thanks for sharing.

  • Amy Wajda 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for this video!!!!! You made this so easy to follow!! I can’t wait to make these!!

  • Teilo How 2 weeks ago


  • Matthew Montoya 2 weeks ago

    Looks like a pickle in bowl

  • Elizabeth Newman 2 weeks ago

    Very cute and easy to follow. Thanks! What is the size of the pot you are using?

  • sari arfan 2 weeks ago

    nice tutorial, I wonder how did you glue the pot and the cactus?

  • Jessica Reay 2 weeks ago

    Found this really easy to follow, thanks so much!

  • Ceasar DG 2 weeks ago

    Disclaimer! Beginner lang po ako sa Cactus/Succulent field

  • Robbie Penus 2 weeks ago

    Taga cabanatuan ka boss?

  • Jerico Lapurga 2 weeks ago

    san po kayo bumile ng mga ganyan? pls answer me

  • ravenuh 2 weeks ago

    new subscriber and begginer den sa plant collecting !! goodluck ♡

  • jen vinuya 2 weeks ago

    Hello po. Beginner din ako sa cacti planting. Kumustahin ko lang po yung nirepot nyo. Buhay pa ba?

  • Maria Theresa Cabug-os Baena 2 weeks ago

    Beginner din po ako, san po mabibili yan project pot soil na yan? Negros Oriental po…

  • LagiNaLangAko23 2 weeks ago

    Do you always buy new seed or nakapatubo ka na ng galing sa tanim mo na cactus.

  • Rm Imperial 2 weeks ago

    HM po yong cactuses?

  • Seven Eleven 2 weeks ago

    Hi po, I'm a cactus enthusiast. Mas maganda po if 70% pumice anf 30% soil 🙂

  • Rej Dy 2 weeks ago

    Kakastart lang ng vid natawa agad ako sa tawa mo. Hahaha!

  • Jan Gamton 2 weeks ago

    bigyan mo kami lahat na nueva ecija vloggers hahahahaa

  • Ma. Cristina Cruz 2 weeks ago

    Saya naman nyan mamsh 🙂

  • Ivan de Guzman 2 weeks ago

    May pagkabotanist pala hahaha

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