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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Hi everyone! In this video I share with you how to fertilize cacti. I get asked a lot – how, when & what to feed cacti and I’ve finally put the answers into a video. Hope you enjoy the video – Thanks for watching & Happy Gardening! You can support my channel at You can connect with me at The music featured in this video is by a producer called Nyte. They were kind enough to let me use their music in my video. Check out their channel here: Video Rating: / 5


  • Ow Po 1 year ago

    My cacti don't like chicken nuggets very much

  • Baptist Fernandes 1 year ago

    hey there, interesting video….since I'm a lover to cactus & succulents – just a quick one here with regards to fertilization query, as you say not very necessary tho'….but S nce I do have this npk 19/19/19 would you recommend it❓& my next question would be adding calcium ❓ so what would you say for both in terms of quantity usage ❓

  • CharlesCarabott 1 year ago

    I have 16 San pedro cactus from about 4 inches to some 12 inches high and about thirty seedlings a few cm high which age average about two or three months. Should I fertilise them. Also any other information is welcome. Thankyou

  • Couch Conchology - Shell Collecting 1 year ago

    Good info, thank you! A question: I have a Gymnocalycium bought earlier this year, nice plant, but sold growing in almost straight peat. A bit of a bloated plant, I repotted it & it is doing well. How do I get it to 'back down' from the bloat? I have it outdoors in a summer greenhouse with morning & late afternoon sun (no midday) and watering conservatively. Is it just a matter of time?

  • shane walsh 1 year ago

    Great video,only going to fertilise once which was in May,will still fertilise succulents at least twice or three times.

  • nopantsnoproblem1 1 year ago

    Hey awesome video once again man, jus wondering which species do you give a little water to through winter?

  • Collin Murray 1 year ago

    Great video, very informative. I dont fertilize at all and I still get healthy, flowering plants. You're spot on about water and light being the important things. Also, great haircut!

  • Hank's Cactus 1 year ago

    I spent my life working in a semiconductor fabrication clean room. A bit different than this. I appreciate the chance to hear the technical side of plants and soils. I have been in the super-fun, plant learning phase for a few years. Mostly trial and error … of course… Thank you for the information. ^^ Hope your day is really good!

  • Siwah Pradah 1 year ago

    seems like you are not in the good mood lol

  • cactuS Mann 1 year ago

    I dont fertilize. Used, but i think it caused some problems, so i dropped it. The new coarse soil seems to be working out nicely. Purchased a lot of parodia, a few echinopsis, rebutia, and astophytums. Hopefully, with some effort ill manage to get my plants to look like yours ….

  • Timo Vskmp 1 year ago

    Oh you really don't fertilize a lot huh… My dersert cacti get feed once per month but just a tiny dose of a 3-2-8 fertilizer, i think i have to look up everything about trace elements now 😀

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