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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote How to Apply Fertilizer to the lawn = these are basic spreading techniques that will help you when you apply fertilizer and other materials to your lawn. Here is the link to the other important video I mentioned :: “How Much Fertilizer To Apply” The keys to proper application are: 1) Broadcast Spreader, 2) Consistent walking speed f 3.5mph 3) Start with a trim pass around all the edges 4) Walk the grid and throw material back to the wheel tracks of the previous pass. Of course, always clean up materials that got onto driveway, sidewalk or other non-target areas. Video Rating: / 5


  • Katie Carson 4 years ago

    Great video!

  • Collin page 4 years ago

    Can you put down fertilizer with a septic tank and well? if not what are my other options?

  • Great videos, thanks!

  • Tiger Trucker 4 years ago

    help I got large garden grass is mainly field grass ,can I still overseed this with a better lawn seed?,will it cover the field grass,the present lawn grass is quite patchy poor

  • Jack Moore 4 years ago

    Hey Allyn, I recently started fertilizing my own lawn, mostly thanks to you. I was wondering, when fertilizing, wouldn't fertilizing back to the wheel marks cause overlap if the spreader is fertilizing 360 degrees on the first pass? Is this what I want to happen? Thanks.

  • Kevin Woodcock 4 years ago

    Been reading up on milorganite since i subscribed to your channel. Would putting down milorganite after my step one crab grass pre emergent be overkill?

  • Tyrone Durand 4 years ago

    Great share"Put some A*s into it", LOVE IT!

  • Disappointed Fan 4 years ago

    Your videos are so informative. Thank you so much for your effort

  • jesse sanchez 4 years ago

    Won't this way cause OVERLAP? Should'nt you aim towards the area where the spreader reached and not towards the wheels?

  • Shay “PoorBoy” Linton 4 years ago

    Would you recommend spraying down some Medina also onto the lawn? Been trying to thicken up my lawn this year. I have St. Agustine grass. Some spots are not has thick as others. I'm down here in Houston and I follow the Randy Lemmon fertilzer schedule. Have you heard of him? He's on the radio here in Houston.

  • dathud 4 years ago

    Allyn, do you cut off your spreader when you get to the trim pass or do you keep it open until you get to the sidewalk? I want to make sure I am not fertilizing the edges too much. Thanks

  • vinarabo 4 years ago

    Who knew you were so close to me. I can almost see my house!

  • jcmark42 4 years ago

    Thanks from a first time homeowner!

  • Richard Storm 4 years ago

    Your videos are informative and entertaining, however I am really uncomfortable with one of the products you recommend ( Milorganite) . Are you aware of the ingredients of this product and where and how it is processed?

  • azngouki 4 years ago

    Just want to say, Awesome videos.  It's really helping me take care of my lawn which for the longest time growing up I thought lawns took care of itself.  Keep up the great work!!

  • Faisel Ahmed 4 years ago

    Is it ideal to apply water (sprinkler) after I broadcast fertilzer? If so, how much water and do I water As soon as possible after I fertilze? Thanks 

  • Clay Dorman 4 years ago

    Is the Milorganite or Scotts weed and feed pet friendly? Can they be in the yard hours after putting down an application? Thanks! Great video!

  • Tec 9 4 years ago

    Drop spreader easier, more accurate

  • Leslie Green 4 years ago

    What do you think of liquid fertilizers

  • Austin Glen 4 years ago

    Austin here ~ Here's an extremely technical question? Ready? Do you know the Model # of your Earthway Ev-N-Spred Spreader? Also, do you ever wish you had gone with the #2150 50lb. capacity version with the pneumatic tires? Trying to make a "wise" choice and investment. ~oO(♫)Oo~ PS. I've been looking at bunches of "broadcast" spreaders and do believe Earthway (with round hopper) is probably the way to go. 

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