How to get 100,000 CR in 10 seconds Forza Horizon​​ n 5

How to get 100,000 CR in 10 seconds Forza Horizon 5 Check out the car mystery skill points in each epic or legendary car menu! You can easily complete 100 k in a few seconds. One of the easiest ways to gain skill points is to find a relatively open field and drift as much as possible while destroying small trees and cacti. By doing this, you can easily get high scores from drifting and wreckage skills. Since these spaces are usually empty, it is almost impossible to collapse and lose your scores and multipliers. Another effective method is to drive on any major highway while driving as fast as possible. The trick is to drive at maximum speed while accumulating near misses as much as possible. This can be achieved by intentionally approaching other cars and objects while zooming in. #forzahorizo​​n5credit #fh5 #fh5fastmoneyglitch.


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