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  • jhawka11 1 week ago

    How about Achacha tree's (Bolivian Mangostein), will they do ok out here in AZ?

  • Mark Agostinelli 1 week ago

    I planted 13 citrus in my yard. I live right near the white tanks past surprise, AZ. I've been trying to grow them for over 2 years now. They keep dying. When you say that you water them a lot, do you mean 1 time a day or a couple of times a day? Do you have a well around the base of the trees? Do you water the same amount during the the cold seasons and more during summer? Can you give more details on your watering schedule? You seem to be pretty good at it. Do you use irrigation? Also when you say compost, do you mean like leftover food products, or do you buy mulch? Or do you buy manure and mix it with multch? I really want to do what you did. Can you give me some more details?

  • Dave Thomson 1 week ago

    For those that wonder what Jays watering schedule is, I am pretty sure he fill his wells every 3 days.

  • Will Patterson 1 week ago

    "How to get healthy citrus growing in the desert"

    .. doesn't tell you how to get healthy citrus growing in the desert…

  • Kelly Richardson 1 week ago

    Do you water every day during the summer?

  • You say you water them a lot, but what does that mean? every day, every 2 days, or what?

  • Kevin Boyd 1 week ago

    Everything looks amazing. Quick question, When you "feed" your trees with compost, is that the top soil you sell or is it compost you make? Do you also add worm castings? Do you rake back the mulch, add the compost, and then place the mulch back? I know, that's more than just a "quick question."

  • David Allred 1 week ago

    It is nice to see so many verities of citrus in one small yard. No I have to get more trees and some of your great soil amendments for my citrus and fruit trees.

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