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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote To care for a lawn takes too much time, work, water, effort and money. Keeping a lawn properly, mowing, seeding or fertilizing, watering might be difficult or impossible. If your lawn is out of control and weeds or bare spots account for more than half of it, you may want to get rid of it all and start over. Or you may simply want a look that’s more pleasing to you than a traditional lawn. Then it is time to try lawn alternatives. You’ll need to get rid of the grass before you begin your new landscape. Getting rid of your lawn is a big project. There are several methods such as Herbicide, Digging It Up, Solarization, Composting and Smothering. they all require investments of time, money and effort. Some methods have more impact on the environment than others, and some may be more acceptable to your neighbors. Make sure there are no homeowner’s association rules or local ordinances that would affect your plans. Smothering your lawn kills it and allows it to compost in place, adding valuable organic matter back to the soil. Cover the lawn with landscape fabric. Landscape fabric that is engineered to stop weeds, stabilize soil, control erosion and separates soil profiles. Landscape Fabric encourages the growth of roots by keeping soil moist and cool. It is a good solution for reducing garden maintenance. It is a choice of professional landscapers. When looking at plant alternatives, consider varieties that are native to your area. Native plants are adapted to your soil and climate. They will typically require less maintenance and have a better resistance to diseases and pests than non-native varieties. Native plants have the added benefit of supporting native wildlife. Also think about light […]


  • Oscars Wilde 1 year ago

    Great job, great explanation, beautiful result. You worked so hard and it must be so worth it when you can all enjoy it every day. I am one step closer to doing this in my garden thanks to your video 🙂

  • Katie Lerchen 1 year ago

    Landscape fabric is plastic! Use instead layers of newspaper or cardboard. They both are just as effective' without the shreds of plastic you eventually will have to deal with landscape fabric.

  • Barbara Ryan 1 year ago

    thank you for sharing this video, it helped me out alot..i checked about the cost of the stones/rocks and they are usually around 62$ per yard/scoop..that is expensive..BUT..after it is done, you don't have all those weeds to pull and grass to mow which safes you money in the long run…this video is great for showing this landscaping ideas..

  • Anne Rose Roldan 1 year ago

    Hi, what is the pin that you used to tuck the fabric in?

  • Lisa Boothe 1 year ago

    Beautiful garden you have! I want to cover my grass too with pebbles. How much does it cost roughly for a garden size like yours?

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