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  • Oded Hamm (‫עודד הם‬‎) 1 year ago

    This is NOT the Rose of Jericho

  • Matt C 1 year ago

    thank you for sharing your experience and get grafting method. I got 1 out of 3 successful the first try

  • Md Taju Khan 1 year ago

    which will be more effective glue or binding process

  • Wong Yun min 1 year ago

    Do you water the plant after grafting it?

  • Mayra Grazzia 1 year ago

    What type of glue used? Brand

  • Humberto Martins 1 year ago

    Great video . help us a lot….

    where I can buy of the seeds , please send me where, please..
    i am from Brazil

  • Saigon Bonsai 1 year ago

    wow, great way. Thank for your share ( from Vietnam)

  • Elizabeth Ninan 1 year ago

    nice video thank you

  • Humberto Martins 1 year ago

    Hello . Nice Video, I want to know how i can buy the seeds of Adenium , I need one person whos sale the Seeds , Because i lost lot of money i send the money but the poeple do not send me anything.

    please send me one contact. I am From Brazil

  • Sally Richards 1 year ago

    what do you do with the stem parts you cut off, that are not grafted onto another plant? Can you start another plant with them?

  • allan nguyen 1 year ago

    I saw some people in vn grafting plumeria and desert rose , is it work or not, may I ask. .?

  • Shannon Lim 1 year ago

    Cambodian? he talks like my dad :-]

  • Baby Maharaj 1 year ago

    Hi R ichard. i have pink. flower .i got it in bdos. i would like to get diffrent colour. i live in west indies. it is. very far from tyland i enjoy looking at ur dad he make it look so simple .thanks for a reply god bless whit uall doing.

  • Lisa Uribe 1 year ago

    my trunk isn't so big??

  • skeeter9280 1 year ago

    This is an exceptional video – please thank your dad for sharing his knowledge. Impressive!

  • Wong YW 1 year ago

    Doesn't the super glue tarnish the plant?

  • Cotton Cun 1 year ago

    waaaaaa thank you so much for sharing! say hi to your dad and may he be as happy as he is in the video alwAYS!.

  • Zakir Ahmed 1 year ago

    Great video! Your dad explained it very well. I'm so inspired!

  • gary pelaez 1 year ago

    Wow! You blew my mind! Never knew you can do that to a plant. Thank you, and your dad!

  • Linda Rodriguez 1 year ago


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