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Growing Herbs


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  • Ivan Haryanto 7 years ago

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  • PolarGenre 7 years ago


  • Sharon Wong 7 years ago

    Good information? but horrible accent

  • Cintia0789 7 years ago

    Good video! I was wondering if I can grow herbs using baby? formula cans & after watching this video, it seems like I can!

  • braveheart683 7 years ago

    WHAT IS AND ERB????? Americans are confusing.?

  • bintangdn 7 years ago

    She is HOT..?

  • Delcaroll 7 years ago

    An? herb?

  • greenbeast1345 7 years ago

    yeah herbs thats it, im gonna grow? weed…..uh i mean herbs *inocent smile* xD

  • x0Brown0x 7 years ago

    wtf is an earb??

  • DuckMySickLOL 7 years ago

    pineapple express??

  • WinterFox155 7 years ago

    will somebody help me because my parsley has not germanated yet and they have been in for a week ;0?

  • MsCanadian85 7 years ago

    well i’m not american as you can see i am canadian and if you mistake me for an american i don’t know i may have to shoot you 😉 we are a totally different country. i never noticed if i say? the h or not but regardless the rules of grammar still stand. are you in the uk?

  • misskatierose 7 years ago

    but the H is not silent, I? can understand how an accent would change how the word is said but not how it is treated within literature. I would love to know how it all changed in America 🙂 x

  • MsCanadian85 7 years ago

    its an because the h is silent, so the e counts as a vowel hence? its An

  • AmazingAngel Clifton 7 years ago

    r these herbs? legal

  • jungledrumnbass4ever 7 years ago


  • Mahesh Balan 7 years ago


  • misskatierose 7 years ago

    How to grow? A herb garden indoors 🙂

  • misskatierose 7 years ago

    @drcarico I thank that was Dick Van Dyke who gave the world sudo cockney, not even the? English are that good at true cockney slag lol

  • ZombiedustXXX 7 years ago

    Well Shakesqueer, I? always figured some of you Brits saved up all those extra H’s when you answer the telephone as ‘ello, and tacked them onto the pronunciation of herbs! =P

  • BarondHolbach 7 years ago

    It’s only silent in American English. In proper English, the H is pronounced. If you’d ever left? your village, you’d know that.

  • kiettram4869 7 years ago

    It’s called a “Silent H” There are many silent? letters in the english alphabet: Knife (K)
    Herb (H) Knick-Knacks (K) Here is the english alphabet for you to read: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

  • Lisamsartor 7 years ago

    He said, “this is how WE maintain an herb garden.” Who is? we? The demonic reptilian inside him. HAHA. Just kidding. Relax folks it was just a joke!

  • Lisamsartor 7 years ago

    Reptilian man!? SPOOOOOOKYYYYYYYY!!!!!

  • Curlsgrl 7 years ago

    Um….what? just happened to his freakin face???

  • jdeezy16 7 years ago

    hes alergic to air he smelled? da air den his face started to turn…J/K

  • WarrenManuelito 7 years ago

    That was freaky, man. I thought something? Trippy was going on!

  • reynoso0126 7 years ago

    LOL… haha?

  • AsterixInstincts 7 years ago

    Haha, it’s a problem with the video, not the man. It’s good to be open? minded, but it’s important to make sure that you’re not looking for things where they don’t exist.

    Have a look at his shirt. Is the shirt shape shifting as well? 😉

  • dizzicow 7 years ago

    he’s a reptilian shape shifter!! THEY LIVE!

    light v dark ..light always wins repo man.

    truth will shine for ever! stay in the light guys!?

  • johnnydog12 7 years ago

    no its the fodege not hes? face

  • JonnyTommyGuns 7 years ago

    his face is melting off.?

  • DudeImStoned 7 years ago

    LOL Hes a? fuckin alien, in more ways then one 😛

  • ericaj119 7 years ago

    scared the shit outta me too!!!? i thought i was high or something lol