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Growing Herbs


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  • David Jacob 7 years ago

    fuck for? both of yours

  • PipesB itch 7 years ago

    Wow? he looks uncomfortable in those spandex

  • supercheekykiwi 7 years ago

    lol Yeee hawwww i’m? a cowboy.

  • simplynaturalideas 7 years ago

    Parsley… I should get some of that. I? use it all the time.

  • tharronn91 7 years ago


  • glamkitten24 7 years ago

    That cat looks alot like My unusual looking cat, Chloe. That’s a nice looking Rosemary I see btw. When? do you transfer the plants to the ground, or should you?

  • gardenqueen12 7 years ago

    great? vid

  • GregoryGhost 7 years ago

    i? bet the cat pisses in all the herbs LOL

  • veggiegrow7 7 years ago

    the cats? eating the plants in the background lol

  • telescopereplicator 7 years ago

    Well done Joe. I’ve got the same herbs. Chives, oregano, sage, rosemary, 2 types of mint, 3 types of thyme, parsley and laurel . Maybe the conditions in my garden are better because my herbs are? greener and more lucious. Maybe your herbs could do with less bright, direct sunlight and more water. It did the trick for me! My sage, f.i., is a large bunch of green, not a few shriveled leaves. Sage needs a lot of water.