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  • MrCodyBlair 5 years ago

    How are these doing? I’d love to watch an update video, or see other plant

  • Nicole Culajay 5 years ago

    very helpful! thanks :D?

  • Murdock 5 years ago

    Looks good! I do it the same way but I just put the mix through a riddle to
    remove any big lumps of peat or grit..the fine grade perlite is great for a
    seed mix if you can get it ?

  • Bonnie Renee 5 years ago

    Could you please tell me why my crassula and mammarilia seeds are so tiny?
    Like they are the size of the point of a pin! Why??? And is it normal ?

  • Alex Szczech 5 years ago

    thank yo usir eel done :)?

  • What kind of Subaru do you drive? I’ve had 3. 02 WRX, 05 StI, current 07
    WRX Ltd.?

  • Wilson Lei 5 years ago

    How many days of light should they need ? , Thanks .?

  • Mennodjembe 5 years ago

    thank you very much, detailled info and with loads of attention and love

  • Aiden Aguirre 5 years ago

    Boooo that joke stinks…
    Wait where am I??

  • Billy Puckett 5 years ago

    Cody Brown I need your mailing adderess because i am sending you some seeds
    that i told you i would send you at no cost. There are about 5 or 6
    different types of seesd.just let me know?

  • Dmitriy Oparey 5 years ago

    1/3rd??? He took more like 2/3rds…?

  • Leslie Kay 5 years ago

    i love you?

  • andreikilla 5 years ago

    you just shocked ur little cactus when u opened it, lol?

  • Bradley Stamler 5 years ago

    how long does it take to get a 3 inch cactus?

  • Unkle Phish 5 years ago

    Any idea if this method would work well with Sceletium seeds??

  • samljer 5 years ago

    miracle gro…. lul.?

  • parteofive a 5 years ago


  • Billy Puckett 5 years ago

    i have seeds from the dragon fruit cactus and no directions on how to sow
    the seeds. think the same way you showed on your video would work? Thank
    You very much.?

  • fashotce 5 years ago

    How are these doing? I’d love to watch an update video, or see other plant

  • Billy Puckett 5 years ago

    I am really looking for someone that can get me different types of cactus
    that lives in the desert or close to the desert. i like to find some one
    that would want to trade 2 or 3 inch cactus for flowers and or trees from
    where i live and that is Kentucky. My Email is I
    can ket at least seeds for 6 or 8 different types of trees,White dog
    wood,magnolia ,water maple, red bud,walnut and several more. please reply?

  • MrCodyBlair 5 years ago

    well with my seeds it would be hard to keep track of them. Then you would
    have to transfer them to soil without killing the young cacti, i think that
    would kill them off and shock them. I have not heard bout the CD method i
    have 1,000s of seeds and i will try it out in a few different ways. Thanks
    for the comment!

  • sonofjohn56 5 years ago

    What kind of cacti did you grow. I grew golden barrel cacti. I had success.
    I have some 1/2 inch cacti after about 8 months. They grow very slow. Have
    you ever grew a cactus from a cutting? Many cacti farms do that. I just
    found out that those fancy cacti are from grafting one cacti onto another.
    I like the golden barrel cactus the best. I think I will grow some more.
    Perhaps I can have a big yard full of them someday. Some people do that
    where I live. But I wish I lived in arizona.

  • Steve Seed 5 years ago

    Good video, Ill try it next time, although Ive had sucess with less
    sterilization. You may want to mention that after they get some size. Too
    much moisture can cause root rot, also, if you want to root a pup.It also
    depends on the type of cactus, or succulent. thankyou brother!

  • Jacob Ewert 5 years ago

    How do u know if the cacti sprouted since the container is full of fog

  • Tim Hitt 5 years ago