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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Join me on facebook.. On this page I will be sharing videos,photos, and giveways, stuff I don’t and will not share elsewhere online.. In this video I am planting herbs from seed. Basil seems to be a very popular herb that many use now for cooking purposes. Cinnamon,lemon,lime basil are all easy to grow and smell wonderful. Planting herbs indoors to get a head start is a smart thing to do, you can also grow some herbs indoors year around if you choose. How to plant herbs is not as hard as you may think, very easy as shown in the video. Planting a herb garden can be done inside or outside, probably will do better outside. Wherever you grow indoors you will have fungus gnats , sticky traps work well for these tiny little insects as shown in the video. Herbs do wonderful in containers or pots, I like to have a few growing indoors but you can also grow in pots outdoors . A good way to keep them contained and free of weeds. I plant many herbs as herbs are becoming more popular it seems, some other herbs I like to grow and are easy to grow are, lavender,dill,sweet basil. I also grow Rosemary but this herb can take a long time to mature and germinate but well worth the effort. Growing from seed is not only rewarding but offers you a past time in the winter months and gives you valuable plants to use in your everyday life.

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  • dianemummvideos 8 years ago

    you can buy this type of water sprayer in a big box store, I use it for water, but also for spraying my plants for bugs.. works great! depending on what you want to grow.. check and search for growing dates for your area.. I? am in the midwest much different area than yours..

  • jamescc2010 8 years ago

    What the hack was ? your water bottle spray you were using? Do you think grow in my garage during winter is ok too b/c our room inside the house is limited and wife likes to keep it clear? I might need to get heat mat later. What month should I start growing my seeds indoor (live in Southern CA)?

  • dianemummvideos 8 years ago

    you can make your own or do a search for them i think I got them? at planet natural.. 🙂

  • smassey85 8 years ago

    I used garden soul to plant a few herbs indoors from seed but? now have gnats. Where do I find the sticky pads?

  • nottinmatterz2day 8 years ago

    maybe have a bat or? two indoors to eat em

  • runwayheir93 8 years ago

    Where do? u buy those fly catchers ?

  • wowhex 8 years ago

    finally! I can grow some pot in? my basement. Let’s get these HERBS goin’

  • dianemummvideos 8 years ago

    be careful on soil choice but know they come out of no where.. peat pellets works? and is a easy way to get started just watch your water intake and you should be fine.. good lighting is essential..I use right now a worm tea, something organic to feed my plants..

  • dianemummvideos 8 years ago

    they come from the soil , and breed in the soil once you have a few they can multiply , the yellow sticky traps help.. they like wet soil conditions.. last? year I used some compost indoors and I think it created a whole bunch of gnats plus a few others..

  • dianemummvideos 8 years ago

    , thank you, I have some basil and rosemary too indoors, going to try and propagate the rosemary not sure it will work but I am going to try.. thanks for stopping? by..

  • rhythmhub 8 years ago

    Hi I really enjoyed your video. I started this year by bringing in my rosemary plant and it’s? doing so well I want to try basil and others!! Great video!

  • dianemummvideos 8 years ago

    yes I do that with most seeds as I have many of each type to plant, I just pull them out of? the flats one by one and transplant.. once transplanted they need to rest for a day then place under the lights.. seedlings are usually tougher than one thinks, just be careful to not injure the stem and roots, plus give them a resting period once transplanted.. hope that helps!

  • tawabunga 8 years ago

    I? saw that you sprinkled the seeds in the tray.How do you transplant them once they’ve grown.I notice that every time I try transplanting my basil seedlings they wilt.

  • dianemummvideos 8 years ago

    you should watch? my setup for seed starting it is in my seed starting playlist this will answer all your questions, if not let me know.. 🙂

  • bly49 8 years ago

    Do you just use the heating mate for germination or mates and shop lights? and what do you cover the seed trays with Plastic wrap? and are? these the shop lights that you can just get a home depot or Lowes? No special grow lights?

  • beautymariely 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for responding so fast. I am so excited and I’ll start today. ? Thank you so much for all your help.

  • poojkhgf 8 years ago

    Well so far i have only tried it on my indoor? plants I grow hydroponically – it’s keeping the roots nice and white.

  • dianemummvideos 8 years ago

    , no I haven’t , has it worked for you?? ?

  • dianemummvideos 8 years ago

    , no go ahead and? do so.. to germinate place in a warm area once up growing keep them room temp works or a little cooler works too.. I use shop lights with 4ft bulbs, other people use other lights.. the best lighting produces the best plants , and helps from getting too leggy, you could also use a south facing window where you have plenty of sunshine.. hope this helps…

  • beautymariely 8 years ago

    Can you please tell me if I can plant herbs from seeds indoors now in October or? should I wait until March next year? And if I can do it now, is there special lighting and warmth that I should know about to help with the germination? Thank you so much for your help.

  • poojkhgf 8 years ago

    Interesting video. Have you tried Hydrogen peroxide? Its good to use when? watering the seedlings it helps oxygenate the soil more and keep root rot away.

  • dianemummvideos 8 years ago

    , I plant them the same , as the? seed is a little bigger I will give them the recommended coverage of soil, I usually do most of my plants from seed in trays.. The sprayer you should be able to get at a hardware store, walmart, or kmart if you have those in your area.. good luck! 🙂

  • mhpgardener 8 years ago

    I see the same things regarding the gnats. Using composted manure is great for the? plants, but it comes with visitors. Those yellow sticky cards work great. I had them hanging everywhere trying to help with the whiteflies.

  • Buji Knits 8 years ago

    how did you plant the eggplant seeds??? not the same as? the 1st basil, I assume?? & is that a special water sprayer you have?? thanks!

  • Clay ton 8 years ago

    Everyone I know grows herbs but I’m trying to grow veggies. Want to try a buble bucket system on my indoor grow this? winter with some silvery fir tomato and lemon cucumber. Maybe even strawberries. Have to play with it first and kill a few plants. 🙂

    Your right, not a good idea to being plants indoors. There can be critters.