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  • Patricia Nunez 7 months ago

    Love this video. Short, sweet and pleasant to watch. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.
    This is my second Spring for my No-dig organic cottage garden. Planting a few potatoes (Putting a lot in small front yard) I noticed the clay soil is now rich and loamy! Last 4 yrs have been total failure. Have a lot of hope for this year.

  • kaz modan 7 months ago

    What does that word mean at 3:58? Sounds like espaulays?

  • Corrin Jade 7 months ago

    These are some great ideas! Thanks for the video. Could you do another edible landscaping video where it's mixed with non edible landscaping? Like for example my friend one time added pepper plants and strawberry plants to a flower bed and it all looked really nice, it blended in where it wasnt noticeable, well I mean the peppers gave the flower bed more color but they blended in with the flowers that it just looked really nice. Same with the strawberries that kind of acted like fillers. A video like that 🙂

  • Garden love 7 months ago

    Great Video!

  • this is great! is there going to be an update on this, so we can see the garden mature?

  • J Mox 7 months ago

    This is an awesome video! Thanks! You gave SO much great info in such a short time. I've saved your video and will go back to it many times!

  • klo69 K 7 months ago

    Love your voice and info.. What state is this ???

  • June ribaldi 7 months ago

    I ENJOY ALL YOUR educational video's Thank you very much . <3  🙂

  • Mr.009mm Killuminati 7 months ago

    i thought blueberries turn red cause not being in acidic soil. mine do even in spring. 4 out of my 7 blueberries have turned red from over water and that im on west and it is alkaline instead of acidic soil. i just got 3 more the other day and some grape vines and 3 of them i just got have started turning red. i havent watered them yet just got the other day. they look like they have fert or some kind or acidic adder in the pot. the one i got last year is all red, my first two that are my dads, they turned red last year but this year there not full green kind of yellow and not red. i havent watered it much this year. im used to watering everyday until i found out i dont need to with those plants, at least in the summer i do. but last year was the first time i had seen them so that.

  • Acc Acc 7 months ago

    Good luck

  • Ali Alhshime 7 months ago

    everything nice maam thank u

  • Charles Burns 7 months ago

    What kind of garden edging was shown in the video?

  • Brett Champagne 7 months ago

    Inspiring. Every backyard should have at least a few dwarf fruit tees. My goal is year round fruit.

  • Steve Silver 7 months ago

    I live in Chicago. Will any of these edibles survive the harsh winters here?

  • Funkbaz 7 months ago

    I just love your little black kitty. Mine is a 5 year old named Dante.

  • Trav Wilson 7 months ago

    I enjoy you content. I really need guidance on growing edibles in the shade. Please consider doing a video on this subject.

  • L. GT 7 months ago

    why all your fruit trees always out of stock?

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