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  • Seb bw 7 years ago

    Actually, they were first cultivated by the Quechua Indians 7000? years ago. See Salaman’s ‘The History and Social Influence of the Potato’ for some truly awe-inspiring reading.

  • hinatanin 7 years ago

    My dad always uses the leftover potatoes from the winter months to plant in spring. he doesn

  • estellnwylder 7 years ago

    I? like it

  • kishan patel 7 years ago

    i? hate it lol

  • JenBabe75 7 years ago

    Good; thnx? :0)

  • macfreak78 7 years ago

    lol it means a retardant to keep the store bought potatoes? from growing, not the person who eats them.

  • gansgterlove123 7 years ago


  • JenBabe75 7 years ago

    I have a question. If you use regular “food” potatoes to plant you said they have? a growth retardant. I already started some pretty impressive plants with food potatoes; is it safe for my family to eat them? I don’t want to give my children any growth retardant.

  • leakedfromtv 7 years ago


  • spotlightman1234 7 years ago

    Ancient aliens guy.

    I I ? I
    v v v

  • Enz Je 7 years ago

    i think , potatos are not from this planet , cuz in Peru you have more than 2000 kinda species of potatos , some VISITOR FROM OTHER PLANET had begun to grown ? potatos there!

  • GazzaOak 7 years ago

    Im? wondering, can you seed certificated potatos

  • Rexie R 7 years ago

    Organic potatoes always start growing, never needed “certified” seed potatoes. I always place ones I want to? grow on top of the microwave in the kitchen (Zone 5). After a couple months they start growing. No idea why, but that is the only place they seem to start sprouting!! Microwave therapy?! Also those potato plants look piss poor in the video…as if they were placed there for demonstration only while they started to wilt. I’m starting to question the creditability of these “Howto” series.

  • Vee Vee 7 years ago

    If you do not know about GMO? foods, educate yourself QUICKLY. You can see some videos on the subject here on u tube.

  • Scott Christiansen 7 years ago


  • jerrydff7 7 years ago


  • Michael Sargent 7 years ago

    stfu? n00b

  • sarahsawesome22 7 years ago

    you? are an idiot to

  • sarahsawesome22 7 years ago

    Your an idiot for taking the time to write “what you thought this site was”?

  • Michael Sargent 7 years ago

    At first i thought it said? “how to grow your penis”

  • cotton2222 7 years ago

    just go buy some potatoes at Kroger -_-?

  • Anobis Bloodwing 7 years ago

    So wrong. Do never ever bay genetic modefied junk seeds!
    The best and easy way to get lots of them in small space. Is to have 4 poles. and plant them in middle. wen the pland pops out the ground make a fuw planks around the poles and fill up with dirt. and repeat it to a hight of +/- 50 to? 60cm. wen you harvist them ther all close together. and lots more potatoes. Then normal growing.

  • Raditya Santosa 7 years ago

    so? why are you watching this?

  • canonguys 7 years ago

    spud gun? ammo!

  • Mni Toster 7 years ago

    I have made potatos for 3 years and i always get? bored of them