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Growing Herbs


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  • el tri 7 years ago

    Is these stuff organic?

  • ZEO STICK 7 years ago

    All? Organic-All Natural. ZEOSTICK It help us flower sooner.

  • munchkin365 7 years ago

    Hi. Catnip. Got the seeds from the best retailer, high quality compost, vermiculite and an electric propogator – and still nothing – well a couple of sad little sad things that have now died. I’m thinking it might be that I am using the wrong sort of water on them – I have bought some ‘Evian’ (I kid you not) – I will? see if that is to their liking – I have also up some containers outside to collect ‘rainwater’ for them. The seeds are more fussy than my cats 🙂

  • Masowai 7 years ago

    I love the ease of this. Instead of planting a? seed, I just plant a seed disk. It saves me a lot of time. I’d say I save around 3 hours everyday using these.

  • bluetextonwhitebg 7 years ago

    I’d still recommend using dry herbs for slow? cooked things like chili or soup. Overcooking fresh herbs will actually make them bitter. 🙂

  • munchkin365 7 years ago

    What sort of soil do you use for this. I cannot anything to? grow from seeds but even if I buy the ready grown herb as soon as I transplant it into a bigger pot they just die. What am I doing wrong :’-(

  • munchkin365 7 years ago

    I do love the way you folks say growing herbs is easy. If there is one thing that I cannot grow it is herbs, can’t even keep them? alive.

  • Angelwise11 7 years ago

    I’ve got a little? herb garden, but it keeps expanding.

  • Foyzun Nahar 7 years ago

    may Allah reward you with good? .

  • mrsengeseth 7 years ago

    very nice. Johnny Seeds is my fav place.?

  • growingwisdom 7 years ago

    Some people like the ease? of this.

  • paullie6719 7 years ago

    another expensive gimmick?

  • macancheezy 7 years ago

    Hey i didn’t know people ate basil by itself or in a salad for? that matter. Hmm you learn something new everyday.

  • dawg1157 7 years ago

    Yes,? i smoke arrugula myself

  • HulaAnglers 7 years ago

    I? hate plastic

  • 209BluntSmoker 7 years ago

    anyone smoke? herb?

  • 1000Classics 7 years ago

    These will work perfect with The Bucket Garden! Ted? Hallett, The Garden Master is taking the best of hydroponics gardening, organic gardening and has wrapped it up in a high bred container garden.

  • flyingpigstuff 7 years ago

    Will America bee? spelling it Bazil soon?

  • TheK54 7 years ago

    Hi, is there? a difference between garden and farm? because I want to Grow The Perfect Herb farm.

  • CandyCrayon91 7 years ago

    lol ‘water lightly’

    and then


  • Missmadammozart 7 years ago

    omg i know! i have just started my garden this year, given most of my herbs started from seeds didnt make it ( the cilantro finaly died today, my dad knocked over my little basil sprouts, and my rosemary just never germinated) but my cat nip actualy survived and this chive plant i got is amazing! the chives are so sweet, their like those onions in green bean cassorole, i snag a taste every chance i get, and our cat goes bonkers over a? single leaf from my catnip plant!

  • EmeraldStag92 7 years ago

    bayzil lol?

  • prnkstr 7 years ago

    Hehe….growin ‘erbs mon….?

  • Jean-Michel Dubois 7 years ago

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  • ElleFr0st 7 years ago

    ? yup