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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote John from shares with you the most important elements you need to consider when vegetable gardening in the desert so you can be successful. In this episode, you will learn the 10 most important considerations you will need to take into consideration when vegetable gardening in Las Vegas, Nevada, or other Desert Climates to ensure your success. You will discover the importance of Watering, Sun, Shade, Soil, Planting at the Right Time, Soil Biology, Weekly Feeding, Pollinators, Planting the Right Plants, and Planting Densely. You will learn the very techniques that John implements in his vegetable garden to have a high level of success growing a summer vegetable garden in one of the most extreme climates in the USA. You will discover many tips that if you consider and implement, will raise your level of success with gardening in the desert or where-ever you live. You will learn from John’s gardening experience in the desert for almost a decade. After watching this episode, you will learn the most important factors you need to consider when growing a vegetable garden in hot desert climates or other extreme climates. Related Episodes Best Soil in Las Vegas Rock Dust in Las Vegas Worm Gold Plus Ancient Forest Humus Water Spinach Reflective Shade Cloth Weekly Feeding Your Garden Leaf Cutter Bee Pollinators Best Plants to Grow in the Desert Heat for Summer Subscribe to GROWINGYOURGREENS for more videos like this: Follow John on Instagram: Watch all my videos at: Buy My Ebook with Garden Fresh Recipes for Better Health GrowingYourGreens Book


  • Marshall Hall 1 month ago

    Watering: you are the first person to explain the process to me thank you. Most of the garden, big box stores have the wrong information for planting in the desert I am in Phoenix it’s a dry heat!

  • Always exciting watching your garden thanks

  • Malinali Lorea 1 month ago

    Very honest with your garden and thank you this tips could help me in Arizona

  • Brandon Ewing 1 month ago

    Just found your channel today! Love it! I'm in Vegas and we are starting our garden now. Hauling out rocks this weekend!

  • rajvosa71000 1 month ago

    Hi John. I just started watching your videos but didn't know you live in Vegas.
    Would you sell any of your vegetables etc. ? I'd love to buy from you. I'm big on organic eating.

  • Pamela Ticer 1 month ago

    Wow I'm glad I finally found you! I've been searching for hot weather Gardener to help me along the way especially since my vegas patio garden is between 2 two story buildings and it gets even hotter down here in the middle.
    I have eight of the large Stone outside pots from McCormick & Schmick's when they remodeled. The contractor gave them all to me and brought them to my house because I was the one that had to do all the gardening there previously and he knew that the kind of meant a lot to me. (I was the hostess actually)
    So in my tiny little patio- 16 x 20 maybe, I have eight of them Across The Back Fence and that's how I'm attempting to grow my garden as well as stack containers in between them on top. However this year has been hotter and the summer did not prove to be successful although the plants are alive and survived I did not get much fruit if any after the Heat hit so now they're actually starting to come back and flower even with the high heat stress that they went through.
    I am hand watering that's the only way I can do it and actually I need to take some of the peppers out cuz I found that they don't have the proper drainage and the peppers are sitting in a swamp!!! Growing tho not big
    Thank you for sharing your experience because I appreciate all the help you can give us. Still looking for aluminet reflective covering that will fit my whole patio and not just pieced in.
    – (plant base)Pamela in hot patio garden

  • Marissa Maheras 1 month ago

    Thank you for making the videos. I'm learning a lot!

  • Reckless God 1 month ago

    What about partial shade maybe the shade cloth during the hottest time of the day and full sun in the afternoon when the sun hits from the West side before sunset in the summer time.

  • jtuno122 1 month ago

    I love how he keeps saying he recommends it AT THIS TIME. It’s cool, people should understand that as time progresses or needs change and products change.

  • Matthew Kuraja 1 month ago

    Why did this guy abandon aquaponics after blowing his bugle so much about it?

  • Tiffini H 1 month ago

    Vegas dweller here. I can't believe I just found your channel. Somewhat new to gardening but have no yard. I have occupied every empty corner of my apartment with pots. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Bobbi West 1 month ago

    Looks great. Take care.

  • JadeRabbit Futurist 1 month ago

    Does your Ebook cover your favorite and currently single only approved drip-tubing system for watering your plants?

  • Tunisia Wales 1 month ago

    I've bought in the worm castings from organic solution and they are going to destroy it because of the nematodes that are in them… Help me with any important info to fight this would be helpful

  • Tunisia Wales 1 month ago

    I need your help

  • HalloweenInVegas 1 month ago

    Thank you for this video!! SO glad you live in Vegas so you can help us struggling desert gardeners! =D

  • Percival Coondalini 1 month ago

    EcoWarrior Award Winna!! Congrats our BioHero! Lets talk mycobrick hemprock AquaEcoVillage you help codesign.v gardening, mushrooms & micro. sproutman from 1978 taught by Ann & Vikoras Th original Wheatgrass gurus. sd. ca. GOIN SPORAL!

  • Rice Yadnap 1 month ago

    How you going to be in Florida and not stop by my sad home food Forest? Actually you need to visit Bryce in Inverness. He has an impressive banana collection of 50 varieties not to mention the rest of his yard. Fifty varieties of bananas in Inverness! That’s pretty far north to have a yard that looks like a Costa Rica jungle. He also has the worlds best mulberries. Just ask Pete about them.

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