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  • Steve Skibbs 1 year ago

    To remove bleach bubbles from water feature, use a couple of tablespoons of olive oil…. amazingly, the bubbles quickly go away….

  • Mattress Warehouse Houston 1 year ago

    No chlorine! Birds drink out of my fountains.

  • Libby Gleeson 1 year ago

    i would like something SAFE FOR BIRDS ANIMALS

  • YelpBullhorn 1 year ago

    Don't do this! Chlorine is not only harmful to any birds or pets that might drink from your water feature, it also knackers your pump.

  • Caylom Walton 1 year ago

    I've read that hydrogen peroxide can be used and is safer for the wildlife.

  • Ecli C. 1 year ago

    isn't chlorine bad for birds if they drink from the fountain?

  • Reddylion 1 year ago


  • Marian Stanko 1 year ago

    good thoughts wished i had bought another kind of fountain

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