Front yard Landscape complete makeover .

In the front yard you could amp up curb appeal with a beautiful walkway or you could tear up your lawn in favor of an eco-friendly garden.

Make your neighbors jealous by creating a front yard landscape that’s both beautiful and welcoming
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Regardless of whether you encourage the use of your street-facing door as an entrance, you’ll still want to make this area a focal point of your design.

Plantings around the doorstep or porch can tie the area into the rest of your design, thereby promoting unity in your design. Sometimes, entryway plantings are part of a foundation bed.

A Matter of Style: What’s Your Taste?
What design style do you prefer? This is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make when planning a makeover. Some crave the clean, crisp look of formal garden design. Those who are more laid-back prefer the exuberance of a cottage garden. Either way, you can profit from a quick introduction to basic garden design principles.
Is Your Lawn Green Enough?
If you’ve chosen to implement a formal style, then the lawn will probably play a critical part in your design. Then again, displaying a nice green lawn is a common goal that cuts across many different design tastes.

There is a growing, vocal minority who are striving to eliminate–or, at least, minimize–lawns. They intentionally kill grass to make room for plant life that they find more interesting. Some employ xeriscaping techniques to conserve water as part of a green living approach.

Even front-yard vegetable gardens are gaining in popularity. Edibles used to be strictly relegated to the backyard, but it’s no longer one of the Seven Deadly Sins to allow them to be seen, given the proper design.

Designing With Flower Power
But there are all kinds of more conventional points of interest you can install in your front-yard landscaping, including planting beds consisting of flowering shrubs and/or perennial flowers.

Browse flower pictures to find blooms of a particular color, or learn more about color schemes.

Massed together, bedding plants can supplement the color offered by perennials and flowering shrubs.

Trees: From Giants to Dwarfs

If you’re designing for curb appeal, then trees will probably be one of your chief points of interest. But the term “trees” is deceiving in its simplicity, as it is applied to a group of plants ranging from giant shade trees to ornamental dwarf trees. Weeping trees are a very popular group of specimen trees for front yard landscaping in the U.S. Evergreen trees will be a suitable selection in some cases (e.g., for privacy); but if you want a big splash of spring color, some type of flowering tree will be a better choice.

But points of interest needn’t always consist of plant material. Hardscape can also form or be part of a focal point in your design. I’m particularly attracted to an arbor or pergola design used to support vines. When deployed with discretion, unusual yard art can make your front-yard landscaping pop.

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How to Landscape a Front Yard Quick and Easy way.

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