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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Be sure to visit our website for more information on landscaping and landscape design, all brought to you by one of America’s foremost experts on Horticulture, Gary Alan. Home Our Blog Free Downloadable Recources like plant guides and Zone Maps Resources Gary’s Tips and Tricks Gary’s Tips and Tricks Ask Gary a specific question about your landscaping problem or need Ask Gary About Gary As a graduate horticulturist with years of experience, Gary Alan’s quality work has brought outstanding recognition in the field of horticulture. When considering a path at the beginning of his career Gary knew that his desire to work outdoors would narrow his career choices. He learned that the University of Florida had a program offering a Major in Ornamental Horticulture. With that, his goal was set! In 1979, just one term before graduating, Walt Disney World recruited some students to their Tree Farm Nursery in preparation of the EPCOT project soon to begin. Gary was selected to be part of this team. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture, it was back to Disney World to begin his career. After several years of valuable experience at Disney World, Gary realized that his true desire was to practice the design aspect of landscaping. Soon after returning to his home town of Jacksonville, Florida, he started a design company which grew to encompass installation, irrigation and maintenance. He began filming his projects and caught the eye of the then beginning Home and Garden TV network, and with that “The Designers Landscape” show was born. At it’s peak, it was seen on HGTV and PBS stations around the US and in syndication around the world. Gary continues to run his landscaping business in Jacksonville, as well as filming new […]


  • sean c 10 months ago

    Why am I suddenly wearing parachute pants?

  • Vanka Vitka 10 months ago

    Very nice. Do you support customers back here … Ottawa, Canada?

  • Marie B. 10 months ago

    What an amazing lesson! Regarding irrigation, will the existing lawn sprinklers suffice, or did you need to plumb in more water?

  • Garden Makeover 10 months ago

    Turned out pretty. Liked the plants used.

  • Ricardo Ortiz 10 months ago

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  • Sanja Sanjic 10 months ago

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  • Lion Heart 10 months ago

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  • Believer 1 10 months ago

    whats edging tool s name?

  • Karen Cullen 10 months ago

    All those inside curves (concave) are a pain to mow neatly.

  • 211ssw 10 months ago

    I just discovered your videos today & used to watch your HGTV also! While the yard needed attention, you never mentioned the status of owner & opinions from them. On my own, I thought giving front of house some evergreen height was a missed opportunity & I have no idea where that house is but apparently they don't like/use dark, nearly black mulch that is my preferred choice- it would enhance appearance on end result. While mowing time will be cut a bit, weeding & endging time is longer (no info given as far as fabric under mulch) & I would surely remove that tree at entry as that area has now become a challenge for people getting from parked cars going to the house. That change of curved finish is one I would have skipped. I hope the owners were pleased with their bill as title was low budget- I doubt this qualified as low budget.

  • Steve Beck 10 months ago

    I love landscaping in the 90s with Gary Allen

  • Jo Manley 10 months ago

    This was published 3 years ago–would love to see how the beds have matured. Can you post an update video showing that?

  • uchiha sasuke 10 months ago

    "So you see friends" this nigga so polite

  • Hgtv is now a political venue. I cant stand to watch it. To many queers on the shows. To many reruns. To many bad shows and not enough info on it. I really liked it but it was different and now its just to much of the same thing and its to queer.

  • stacey sims 10 months ago

    What’s the name of the paint sprayer tool?

  • DERMOT HENRY 10 months ago

    Great job has given me loads of ideas. Thanks Gary

  • normaj39ami 10 months ago

    Did you call 811?

  • Holly Hocks 10 months ago

    The horrible orange bark mulch spoils it. It dominates the garden instead of the plants

  • braithmorgan 10 months ago

    nice, informative video but, no mention of dealing with the underground wires… I would be hesitant to begin digging around those very items he begins with… as just a property owner not a landscaper.

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