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  • leo Gracia 3 years ago

    sick no round up first no weed barrier used lol sick ass straight brick wall

  • A Ham 3 years ago

    Many thanks!

  • Eaglescout68 3 years ago

    I thought "Lava" rock is actually SLAG for the processing of steel. We have, OK had, more steel mills in the US than volcano's.

  • Rael Graham 3 years ago

    It's not dried, it's cooled.

  • JayzBeerz 3 years ago

    Cheapest ugliest rocks you can buy, they only last maybe 3 months and start to look really ugly.

  • Mrs Mary Buford 3 years ago

    We used lava rocks in our rock garden on the side of our home. We love the color as it compliments the brick accents on the front of our home. We didn't tamper it down, as we wanted the larger pieces, and it looks great.

  • Scottish Bonsai 3 years ago

    How much is this big bag and whare can i get it? Thanks 

  • Random things channel 3 years ago

    How do you stop the weeds from growing up through the rocks

  • Stephen Blair 3 years ago

    'Dried' lava from volcanoes.  I had to laugh at that one.

  • icawn 3 years ago

    i put down lava rock 4 years ago and it still looks good.  I do not need to add any additional lava rock yet.  My neighbors wood mulch looks like crap every year until they dump new mulch on top.  Downside for lava rock is that it's harder to plant new plants and you need to be keep the rocks away from small sprouts so they don't get crushed.  Also I think the rocks minimize the effect of plants which like to "spread", which can be good or bad depending on what you want.  Also, I have a small dense tree in the rock, which drops a lot of small branches and leaves which get stuck in the rock and are impossible to remove completely.  A blower does NOT help the way people advertise, but actually makes debris even more stuck in between.  So, keep the trees away:).  Couple things i regret is that I didn't know to add all the amendments to my soil before putting the rock down :(, and, i didn't consider soil settling over time and so my garden looks a bit sunk and it's too late to build it back up.

  • edgar estrada 3 years ago

    thanks for teach us how to pour rocks out of a bag.. lol

  • Terry Manasky 3 years ago

    I saw your video with Pebbles you added a Weed Fabric.  but not with the lava rocks.  is there any difference when using one or another. or the fabric is optional? I am replacing Grass with rocks / pebbles

  • Juan Castellano Belmonte 3 years ago

    Thats a nice color

  • Adam S 3 years ago

    Thanks Thomas, good tips!

  • Rhonda Oakhurst 3 years ago

    lmao.this shit looks too easy

  • OnVent4Life 3 years ago

    I like your style. Only suggestion would be to use landscaping fabric so the product doesn't mix into the soil over time.

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