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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Just a quick video showing how easy it is to make your own Nitrogen and Trace Element Rich Natural Organic plant and vegetable feed for the garden from Nettles. Simply pick a bucket full of nettles,new growth is best but older plants will do,then chop this up a little in the bucket and simply leave to soak in a bucket of water for around a week. After a week or so the leaves will start to break down and release the nutrients and trace elements and turn into a brown liquid. Then simply sieve the liquid and store. Use this feed on any plants or vegetables around the garden but especially leafy green plants like lettuce or cabbages as they appreciate a bit of extra Nitrogen. Dilute the feed so that it’s about the colour of weak tea and that’s about it. Cheap,natural,organic feed from the humble nettle. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Taliomkara 8 years ago

    Cheers from Thailand, this was awesome I will apply? it on my garden as I can see my veggies are taking too long to grow I think the soil is quite ’empty’. Thanks.

  • 1962mrwoody 8 years ago

    Nice video mate – I’m going to try it out this year – do you chuck the sieved leaves into your compost? heap?

  • Jiu Xianghou 8 years ago

    Will this burn my pepper plants and tomato plants? Can this? be overdosed?

  • peacockman00 8 years ago

    we? do indeed have stinging nettles in the

  • jac5562 8 years ago

    YES, cannabis? needs Nitrogen during Blooming stage

  • ilovekay alvarez 8 years ago

    i did this but because i have no idea what nettels are i just used clovers…they also? are rich in nitrogen…plus they grow like wild fire in my fertilizer!

  • jun yi 8 years ago

    can we do? that with most other garden weed plants?

  • SevkilledaKiti 8 years ago

    If this advise don’t work on my budd plants,like Booker T said…Im coming? you nigga

  • Gladys Foster 8 years ago

    This useful plant that is regarded as weed is used medicinally by the native Americans as a strengthening tonic that prevents hemorrhage and encourage milk flow, Herbalists use it to expel kidney stones? and remedy for rheumatism and much more.

  • bowehj96 8 years ago

    Hemp requires N:P:K 1:1:1 in the growth stage, then 1:2:1 in the fruiting stage. Nettle-based feed is super high in Nitrogen, very low in phosphorous, and mediocre in terms of potassium. In short, nope, at least not? by itself. Stick to an all-purpose organic feed for veg stage (organic for the micronutrients which hemp needs a more than average amount of), then add a high-phosphorous additive during budding.

  • bowehj96 8 years ago

    When I make my feed solution up to start with, it’s as concentrated as possible (bucket stuffed full of nettles, topped up with water). This solution I then dilute 1:10. This has never proven too strong for any of my? plants. Given the high nitrogen ratio (which can lead to quick but weak growth) I would avoid using it on anything which is prone to aphids, such as blackcurrant. It is the best lawn feed I have ever seen.

  • ejstras 8 years ago

    We do have them? here in Michigan when I pick them I’m never successful they just cut my hand.

  • workingclasssociety 8 years ago

    no we have them, here on the west coast. Maybe not in other locations.? California, YEs.

  • Welshliion 8 years ago

    @allotmentdiary? ary Also is there bacteria you need to keep alive in this like in compost tea?

  • Welshliion 8 years ago

    @allotmentdiary Surely they do don’t hey?! They? grow EVRYWHERE,,! Lol

  • ArizonaAdventures 8 years ago

    would it be better to have some air stones going in that bucket? i’ve always been told to never let things just sit and develop like tha…although I have read where some? say to pack a bucket full of alfalfa straw and let sit for 10 days in the winter for an alfalfa tea…?

  • explosivefreak666 8 years ago

    Check out URTICA, on wikipedia. Also, nettles,? will do to,! And Yeah, it’s good for weed!

  • allotmentdiary 8 years ago

    You don’t have Stinging Nettles in the USA,you are very lucky.
    They are a bad weed and? as the name suggests sting you if you touch them.

  • MrMaleBee 8 years ago

    Sorry from the USA … What Are Nettle’s?? are they a weed? in the Garden?

  • poojkhgf 8 years ago

    I use it too but add rabbit droppings and? urine (human)

  • dragon66139 8 years ago

    stupid question ik but wud it work on cannabis plants??

  • kokonutbaby1 8 years ago

    could u? do this with any kind of weeds as I dont have nettles but I do have alot of weeds around?

  • Teddybearcop48 8 years ago

    This looks like a wonderful idea. I wonder how much nitrogen is in the green tea if any. Has? anyone had this tested… Thank You ! !

  • FJvoodoo 8 years ago

    I do something similar but as compost tea, i use compost about 4 cups? of compost to a five gallon bucket and 1 cup of molasas or corn syrup to brew with. This looks like it has lots more nitrogen in it, what a combination, must try both together, thanks for the tip…