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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote ► Dehydration can set in quickly in the desert. If you are lost in a barren landscape you can actually extract water from soil or plants through the process of condensation, using the techniques described below ✔ ► Tips + Make sure you allow each process to take place in its entirety. Due to the intense heat of the desert, this should take a couple of hours; in places with less sunlight it can take half a day. + The Pit-style Solar Still technique can also be used to purify dirty water and urine. To do this, replace the container from an existing hole with a vessel holding the tainted water, doing everything else the same. If you don’t have a container, pour the tainted water directly into the hole. + Don’t waste time while you’re waiting. Instead, make a number of stills of different designs to increase your water harvest and as a safeguard in case your first still fails ✔ ► Warnings + The plant condensation method may extract poisonous contents from the plant, such as cyanide. Thus resulting in death if the water is consumed. Some plants will produce cyanide with this method, some won’t. + You may lose more water perspiring while digging than the still will generate for you in the end, depending on the moisture in the soil, how hard the soil is to dig, and what you’re digging it with. + Contrary to what is written in some popular survival books, the solar still will not provide adequate water to keep a person alive, even if it is constructed in moist soil. It is a last resort ✔ ►Subscribe our channel: ✔ ►WebSite: ✔ ►Facebook: ✔ ►Twitter: ✔ […]


Desert landscaping




  • plants in the desert??? may there some but totally out of the way…

  • Dennis Harold 9 months ago

    If you like to make your own energy you should go to Avasva

  • Rusty Dusty 9 months ago

    funny people. u in a desert n then u have to get leaves. cant get any smarter that that.

  • KAIAPOGAN 9 months ago

    It does not work, do u want a miracle w/flat plastic?

  • OswaldOriginal 9 months ago

    you go to the desert bringing all these tools, plastics etc???

  • Sky Fog 9 months ago

    Altho they do actually work, neither of these methods will provide enough water to sustain a person in a survival situation. Don't hike into the desert (or any wilderness for that matter) thinking you will obtain your required water this way.

  • Katie McD Bruce 9 months ago


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