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  • Theo Josh 1 month ago

    A question ..
    i made some mounds innthe zen garden to imitate hills … i am thinking to cover these mounds with the protection of the soil that will later on contain gravel ..
    The mounds should be in future covered with moss or weeds .. so for making roots of moss and weeds i thought to put a thin layer 2 ” of soil ?
    What do you think ?
    Your appreciate advice !
    Thanks. Josh

  • Tessie Comaling 1 month ago


  • Kevin Wyers 1 month ago

    This is the least zen, zen garden ever created haha! Bish bash bosh and a bit of Japan in your yard

  • Britney B 1 month ago

    It’s that’s water thingy from kill bill

  • David huddart 1 month ago

    Very good

  • Ayberk Yılmaztürk 1 month ago

    Sorry i know it's supposed to be easy and affordable but that looks so shitty, before was much better

  • Dragan Orlić 1 month ago

    Can find anywhere bamboo tube on Internet, any suggestions

  • g i n g l i n g 1 1 month ago

    I totally know where to get volcanic rocks

  • d a t g i o 1 month ago


  • Mr Cheese 1 month ago

    I dont think this one was a good idea. The pebbles are constantly going to have leaf litter on them, eventually turning it all dirty and wreck the look. And is the water going to a drain or something? May as well just make a small pond there with koi fish looking gold fish. Its ok but I dont think it's worth the money, the weed mats, large rocks, and pebbles would of cost a few hundred dollars, for a look that's meant to be simple

  • Kimberly Di Dominicus 1 month ago

    What kind of gravel pebbles were used?

  • Gamer13 1 month ago

    Homie paied for a rock

  • Diana Vivian 1 month ago

    I REALLY want to know how to make the big saw tooth rake. I have a VERY large garden and just laid 3/4 inch rock in it. It would look amazing if rippled around the small trees and bushes. To purchase a rake, I only see one company and the cost is $100.00 US dollars. Looks super easy to make but I only have a power saw. How do I make a hole in the darn thing and how to fit a handle in there too? Help

  • GC Bonsai and Gardening 1 month ago

    Japanese garden accompanied with Bonsai

  • Shasta Kennon 1 month ago

    You should visit woodprix if you would like to make it by yourself I think.

  • LizIsMis 1 month ago

    Jason is the garden king

  • MemeAddiction 1 month ago

    Fucken ugly zen garden if you ask me

  • Your Karma 1 month ago

    You PAID for ROCKS?

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