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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote GRock dust, organic fertilizers, feeding the soil, earth worm casting….worm poop about ph coffee grinds.. coffee anyone? using soybeans high in nitrogen and more!!! yes Video Rating: 4 / 5 Create your own organic fertilizer with a compost bin or tumbler. Learn how to create rich soil that will provide valuable nutrients for your garden.

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  • bazpoze88 7 years ago

    thanks so much? for the response

  • trespire 7 years ago

    To check the acidity -? alkalinity of something, litmus paper is usually used. The paper should be moistened with what we want to measure. Litmus paper is also called indicator and pH paper. Good luck.

  • moe jem 7 years ago

    Can i? use this on my palm trees

  • Wahoochi Moomba 7 years ago

    Sea? salt can remineralize soil…also azomite

  • spearfishies 7 years ago

    Stop DoC and the so called Animal Health Board? (AHB) from spreading 1080 poison over our forests, streams and? waterways.
    See the results at:

  • TommyDaTuber 7 years ago

    ratios? or did I? miss it?

  • bazpoze88 7 years ago

    Mr. I like your tutorial. I would love to learn this skill and bring to home country, Haiti.
    I wish I could take you to Haiti, so you could teach the people.
    I do not know how to test the acid level of the earth…. I don’t know if it is acidic or not in Haiti…

    The people there have no access to informative sources like this wonderful? video…
    thank you for making vids

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    concerning soy being? dangerous on plants…
    i use organicaly grown certified soy
    otherwise im just promoting the use of gmo soy, which is what you get if not organic.

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    yes, really depends on where they are getting them from. i buy mine from a local pet store that sells worms for fishing. the? best for their worm castings are from red african wrigglers.

  • snickersisdead101 7 years ago

    can i use worms i get? from bait shops?

  • GillyweedSeed 7 years ago

    Thanks. This is the first video I’ve ever watched about? fertilizer, the first of many as I begin this journey to learn how to remineralize the soil. It may be dangerous to eat soy, but not to use it in your fertilizer mixture?

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    These tiny creatures are microbes, or, as we? call them, “the guys”. The guys consist of beneficial bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa. They all work together to build the soil, digest organic matter, make nutrients more available to plants and to actually make nutrients through interactions with water and air. They also do the very important job of crowding out, and sometimes eating, harmful microorganisms that cause disease. In soil their work is all encompassing and genuinely magical.

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    yep yep,, your are right. thanks for the correction.
    im just getting old i? guess

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    sure you can, can be a bit messy. i used to make? my own. just run it thru a blender

  • 2000iktome 7 years ago

    I just got some? compost and some fish stuff from ‘the online greenhouse’, can I make my own fish emulsion if i wanted?

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    Yes, you can buy soybeans,? grind them into a fine powder

  • theracemixer 7 years ago

    Can just buy soybeans from the store, blend it into powder and use? it as an additive to compost tea ?
    My aim is to get as many bacteria as i can.

  • Andrei Lucaci 7 years ago

    horse manure is the best?

  • opalwine 7 years ago

    Excellent video, good examples and well explained. thanks for uploading and look forward to seeing more? tips.

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    I never meant to say those inbetween are not? good because they are. all animal manure except for predators can be used.
    thanks for the reply…

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    yes there are great too. I would ad rock dust to make em? even better.

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    hi try growing in? a green house… learn to use rock dust for minerals

  • Invisible Gardener 7 years ago

    yes its called compost tea. Not for humans? but for plants.. no really

  • julienyanelle 7 years ago

    Hi? I have found extremely helpful your video. I was looking particularly for CAFE! and now I would like to know what is the eggshell helpful for? What kind of veggies need cafe y which one eggshell. Really tks. You r right the place where you are has to much to do, I don’t live in USA I live in UK :(, SO thers is not sunlight and I am trying to grew up mexican GREEN tomatoes as a good mexican. Tks for your help

  • satellitetune 7 years ago

    Very nice? vidio awesome

  • W4V3MAKER 7 years ago

    Homedepot? for life.