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  • Joey Chen 1 year ago

    Boobs McGee over here!

  • Admiral Ackbar 1 year ago

    Could I do this without rooting powder?

  • crazy dominator 1 year ago


  • Fran Natura 1 year ago

    O belo das suculentas è que è viciante a propagaçao!!! Brava

  • o-o Fart 1 year ago

    You make things so complicated and discourage people who can't afford those things or can't have access to them all you have to do is cut a leaf off let it Calais over and then stick it in the ground and you'll have a succulent really soon bitch

  • LunacyRose|バニーガール| 1 year ago


  • Cindy Amaya 1 year ago

    for the leaf cutting should you wait for it to callus before using rooting hormone or can it be dipped immediately after being pulled off

  • pams pots 1 year ago

    I purchased a dish with multiple different succulent plants. Many of the plants now have long roots growing off of them and some of them have grown quite large, should I just cut these off and try to root them ?

  • Doctor Zilla 1 year ago

    Guys, don't water the leaf cuttings. If you do, they will rot and die. Start watering them when they form new growth.

  • TheMelonKing 1 year ago

    Hmmm go to an garden center and pull leafes of the plants on display take home and propagate them, succulents for free

  • Hm H 1 year ago

    Thanks for your video! Close up shots would be great next time… My chicks and hens are grow"ing 6 inches tall in the centre…can I cut this out and put it back in Sandy gravel to root? or do I need to wait for a flower to come and go …

  • yvettenj 1 year ago

    Great info but lousy pictures. Did not show enough close ups on how the succulents looked especially when showing cuttings that have rooted. That's what we needed to see the most.

  • Robb Cozby 1 year ago

    I wonder how succulents survived without rooting powder…

  • IamDrangedd 1 year ago

    SPREATZ 3:25

  • Raeanna staples 1 year ago

    I'm trying to make a small business about selling cool succulents if you are looking for pots go to goodwill it helps on the price of things ☆

  • Dawn Chanroun 1 year ago

    What's the best time/season to multiply the succulent? I'm experimenting with my collections of succulent now so I was wondering if January would be a good month to start. 

  • Kay Lee 1 year ago

    Good video. Wish there were some close up shots.

  • David Valdez 1 year ago

    I should try this

  • Steven Baker 1 year ago

    Great video!  Good info! 

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