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  • Chen Sophia 3 weeks ago

    Like your these videos! It is very helpful when setting up our network and wifi devices…

  • Prasanth S 3 weeks ago

    How to upgrade cacti 0.8.6 to latest with rrd, plz help me

  • Mahesh Kumar Gupta 3 weeks ago

    how would you recording your voice

  • Rizwan Siddique 3 weeks ago

    FATAL: Connection to Cacti database failed. Please ensure:

    the PHP MySQL module is installed and enabled.

    the database is running.

    the credentials in config.php are valid.

  • Jherv's 3 weeks ago

    how to fix this?

    the requested url /cacti/ was not found on this server

  • M Talha Aamir 3 weeks ago

    Thanks Bro for shairing infomative videos with us.

  • Dj Mousa Deep Tronic 3 weeks ago

    Can you make video how to connect to “PUBLIC WIFI” without login or using password please …

  • The phenomenal 3 weeks ago

    thank you bro. love from india

  • Umesh M K 3 weeks ago

    Can you guide me wireshark in Windows for network monitoring

  • administration vishalhealthcare 3 weeks ago

    Connection to Cacti database failed.

  • selang wakal 3 weeks ago

    please make a video about wifi control without a LAN cable, such as wifi manage service

  • Dilnuwan Amaraweera 3 weeks ago

    thank you buddy this is wonderful..

  • Smith Will 3 weeks ago

    Many thanks for your sharing video. Long for this monitoring tools. Love you.

  • Panji AD!JAVA 3 weeks ago

    anda orang indonesia ?

  • temyra Verdana 3 weeks ago


  • Emrul Minhaz 3 weeks ago

    where i will find these host ip for router, switch, pc??
    @Net VN

  • 17-UEC-426 3 weeks ago

    Thank you great video!

  • Adeyvison Mota 3 weeks ago


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