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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote This video is about planting bananas in Arizona. Bananas are fast growing plants that burn through food quickly. Increase the amount of food available to your banana plants by digging a hole that is extra wide to accomodate additional compost, worm castings, and other organic material. Please check us out on Facebook Shamus O’Leary’s Tropical Fruit Trees for lots of cool and useful information on how to grow tropical fruit trees in the desert: Video Rating: / 5


  • Alex Tovar 11 months ago

    Where can i get some great sized banana seeds or small pot plants? Very great video enjoy watching these subscribed!!

  • Daniel Fisch 11 months ago

    Great video.

  • Vv hese 11 months ago

    hahaha its looks funny seeing banana plants grown in a container and planting on the ground just like planting for eg a mango tree..

  • Korina Adkins 11 months ago

    For you folks asking about flood irrigation, here in the Phoenix area, it's a service offered by the water utility (SRP), if you live in a particular area. People who live in these areas have a valve in their yard that is opened on a particular day of the week, and the yard, and some of their neighbors' yards are flooded with water. The water is held in place by berms built around the perimeter of the property, and slowly soaks in.

  • Ali Labeeb Alkoka 11 months ago

    Always quality lessons!!! This is great information short and clear.

  • BetterYouBetterWorld 11 months ago

    old aridzona lol

  • more mulch!

  • Venicestu 11 months ago

    Award winning presentation

  • Cruz Aguirre 11 months ago

    Get that barking bird out of there. Having a hard hearing you guys talk.

  • Ruth e 11 months ago

    I just love how Shamus takes Brendon under his wing.

  • NaTasha Flesher 11 months ago

    I was told to keep my baby banana plants inside for the winter. I was also told to cut them down to the pot but I’m not sure if or when I should do so. Some of the leaves are starting to dry up. I still have them outside but going to move them indoors soon. Let me know if you have any advice. Would be much appreciated!!

  • Ahmed Al Kalbani 11 months ago

    please make a video flood irrigating

  • The Barefooted Gardener 11 months ago

    Good info. In NY, I plant my bananas deep and mulch them during winter to raise the frost line. So you can’t grow bananas in a pond / hydroponically?

  • donald estby 11 months ago

    lm fist

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