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Growing Herbs


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  • AtlasvstheLabyrinth 7 years ago

    A Hard H in Herb = a man’s name, a silent H in Herb = are any plants used for flavoring?

  • ZEO STICK 7 years ago

    All Organic-All Natural. ZEOSTICK ? Perfect for your pots!!

  • Overfl00d 7 years ago

    She doesn’t have finger nails? What happened? to her finger nails.

  • khaledb77 7 years ago

    i have 1 rosemary in a similar pot! don’t u think there too much herbs? in 1 pot?

  • informationwarfare 7 years ago

    of? course

  • KingBALTIMORE1 7 years ago

    because? Americans rule!

  • Joan Ols 7 years ago

    Do I cut cilantro half way down the plant or at the botton by the dirt?
    I have been cutting down at dirt but plant is not? spreading or growing new stems.
    Help! Tks. Joan

  • sundogforlove 7 years ago

    I think you gave a lot of? good information

  • seocom 7 years ago

    I love your energy thx?

  • napalm5 7 years ago

    why do Americans say erbs instead of? herbs?

  • Missmadammozart 7 years ago

    right of the bat the? channel says 6minute style but the video is over 7 and ahalf tsk tsk tsk for shame, lol! nice vid, informative and interesting it’s nice to know that bit about oregano

  • reflexpoint 7 years ago

    Can you do the same? but with different herbal teas?

  • dtate001 7 years ago

    This? was so helpful! Thank u! Excited to get started

  • specialk22tt 7 years ago

    Susan, you? are WAY too freakin excited.

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  • ConundrumDragon01 7 years ago

    I need to show this to my sister, her herb garden grew into a great? weed garden.

  • thiwaggenerkfu 7 years ago

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  • lynxx55 7 years ago

    My chives grow straight up, not trailing over edge. Hers need? water.

  • Raymond oickle 7 years ago

    An indoor herb garden is great, nothing better than having fresh? herbs to add a great flavor to your meals.

  • bowler8 7 years ago

    brits aren’t toothless…and why do you keep harping on about brits teeth….there are just as many americans with bad teeth…you can thank? the insurance companies for that one….I should know…I’m a brit living in this god forsaken country.

  • jayluketa 7 years ago

    you should hear quebecers it’s worse :-)?

  • bnmuzic 7 years ago

    i learned a lot!? thank you.

  • YourGardenShow 7 years ago

    interesting? project!

  • NaeJoy 7 years ago

    Americans are? retarded, they can’t say “herb”

  • Tanyce Smith 7 years ago

    stop crying?