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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Landscaping Business Video Course How to Plant FLOWERS the EZ Way – Landscaping and Gardening Tips Let’s learn how to plant flowers really really really really fast. Take a magical trip with me to the adventure land of the nursery and will pick up some goofy flowers and go platinum in a customers garden and make lots of money. music by. Scott & Brendo Deep Blue (Instrumental) by Scott & Brendo: Coach Rob Http:// I love landscaping so much so motivating it’s so inspiring realize and experience all of this abundance that life has to offer thank you thank you thank you my friends Click here to buy my book This video is an analogy of how your life can feel like a fight. You feel like your back is against the wall and you’re not getting amywhere. There comes a time when you’re so sick and tired of being sick that you Finally Snap n fight your way out of a corner and win. Like Rocky Balboa in Rocky four that’s what happened to me I was backed into a corner and I knew I couldn’t get out so I clench my fists and you know the rest of the story. This is a huge business and life lesson about being a man that when you want something so bad sometimes you gotta cry for it fight for it die for it stand up and take it no matter what and don’t let nobody stop you. Just barely surviving and barely making it is for the birds let’s start taking some calculated risks and become a successful living our dreams without letting negative people whiners are cry babies hold us back. You can start your own lawn care or […]


  • rayg0115 4 years ago

    threw me for a loop when your phone went off, thought I was getting a business call.

  • kimberly green 4 years ago

    What is your location? I will give u 200 to help me with my garden. But Im looking for all penn. can u help?

  • Whetic Gaming 4 years ago


  • Ian Chaput 4 years ago

    Confused about when to add peat moss, compost and potting soil in different planting situations… love your videos man I am a 20 year old starting up my own landscaping and driveway sealcoating business and your videos have been extremely helpful!

  • Aldreth or 4 years ago

    "stabbing, pulling back, and inserting" sounds like my wedding night

  • Nathan “The Prez” Pretlow 4 years ago

    Do you have to plant these  flowers next season. Or will it grow again next season ? Question two what flowers are good in hot sun

  • tuberklops 4 years ago

    hey i was just wondering what you said about horticulture and flower arrangements. how do i learn that stuff? love your vids btw

  • 7t6e354r 4 years ago

    'do u know where any carts are?' no, I just work here, geez

  • Austin's lawncare 4 years ago

    Keith u r the bomb I love watching your videos I am 14 and own a lawn buiseness in my neighborhood I have about 20 yards and I watch tons of u r videos

  • Gregs Mowing 4 years ago

    Do more videos like this please. Shops and walk through etc

  • anthony perez 4 years ago

    hey brother u do it ok…  i work 10 year and i do the seme like tha

  • Chet Burke Lawns 4 years ago

    I always took a small sledge hammer with me. In the landscape beds its a snap to just pound the ground, lol. You can get a lot done that way. Have you ever done it that way?

  • john houston 4 years ago

    Man kalfas if they could only see your work ahead of time you could get paid even more, you really do cut the customers good deals for your work some of the best I've ever seen

  • JCO Landscaping 4 years ago

    hey buddy quick landscaping question for you. what kind of perenial plants are good for dry areas that the sun beats on all day would appreciate if you responded thanks buddy.

  • Catlin Foster 4 years ago

    Love it Keith, you're doing awesome work. You're inspiring me to up my gardening game brother. If I'm ever in the Michigan area I'd be down to work for you for a day FO FREE!

  • rbljackson 4 years ago

    Looks good bud! How many flats did you end up using on that property?

  • Mow's Lawn & Iron 4 years ago

    Send them back all day long! The job isn't done until it's done right..

  • Steadyy Eddie 4 years ago

    I learn a lot from your videos, can you please make some training videos I'd really appreciate those!

  • Randy Mikhaiel 4 years ago

    That back yard is like an oasis! Forest reminds me of the movie "300"
    He's as big as a tree is that why u call him forest or is that his name. Lol!

  • John Ryan 4 years ago

    Haha "violent flower planting" MAN STYLE
    Hell yeah class video again bro

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