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  • Ash * 8 months ago

    How often to fertilize these?

  • maya d 8 months ago

    Thanks man

  • Ape X 8 months ago

    Epic battle

  • Brookie Barbour 8 months ago

    Bro can u help identify my San Pedro cactus to verify if it actually is a San pedro

  • alfred astorga 8 months ago

    Hello, I just sliced the bottoms and noticed something. These came off two separate cactus ok?
    Some have 5 fins and the others have 7. Which are the Peruvian? One has very small spines and the other little longer. They both have flowers and after slicing the bottom I wonder now what I have 🙂

  • alfred astorga 8 months ago

    Why do so many people slice the bottom off? I have some now I want to plant

  • psychventure 8 months ago

    one in a bunch came with two cuts top and bottom, im curious how it will grow. Has anybody encountered this before?

  • Andrea Sutter 8 months ago

    I have a San Pedro that is about 12 -15 feet tall leaning against a block fence … LOTS of "pups" that are no longer "pups" cause they are anywhere from 3-6 feet high… We just moved here to Arizona and I am new to this… but I guess I gotta cut them and figure out how to keep them alive and make more of them!  Any help anyone here can give would be much appreciated.

  • Dougie Quick 8 months ago

    I bought some san pedro cactus cuttings and all but one rooted and have been growing larger. The lone one that did not APPEARED to be planted right side up but it produced absolutely ZERO roots after months and months! It is amazing it did not die I guess but it is still green mostly! One strange thing is that where I would have expected roots it DID grow an offshoot little baby right from the edge and it is trying to go up…but it too has ZERO roots…SO does this mean it was upside down? I would have simply flipped it around but the "top" got accidently nicked by a shovel so I thought I should let that part heal over and dry ….been a few weeks now ….can someone please advise??

  • Blanca Natal 8 months ago

    Hola, me gustaria saber como usted hizo para sembrar su cactus san pedro? yo compre las semillas para sembrarlas y no encuentro quien me ensene a sembrarlas. Tambien compre uno ya sembrado que tiene una flor encima y no se como se cuida o donde ponerlo porque no entiendo como es que le debe dar luz si directamente en la ventana o cerca donde no le de mucho sol. Agradeceria su consejo o ayuda porfavor. Gracias por compartir su video.

  • chelsea rivera 8 months ago

    How long did you wait before you watered them? thank you! super informative!

  • Muthers Mustache 8 months ago

    I have two that belonged to my son. I took care of them for two years while he was in gdoc. Forrest was released Aug 31, 2016. Forrest was killed Oct 1, 2016 by an extremely careless driver. 22 years old and now just gone forever. So now no matter what, I must keep these alive and healthy. I just 10 minutes ago cut the top off of one of them. It is way too long, 3 feet, but I was always fearful that I'd destroy his babies, so I waited for him to get home to get them right, well Forrest didn't get around to it, so now I must or they'll not thrive. I cleaned the blade with hand sanitizer, not its laid on the shelf, what do I do next?? Please help me, I'll be eternally greatful.

  • Brenda Daniels 8 months ago

    hello mate the dogs are also entertaining

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