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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In this video we explain how to prepare soil for planting grass seed. Steps discussed: 1. Remove existing vegetation and/or weeds. 2. Wait 7 days and then till your soil. 3. Install your sprinkler system. 4. Use landscaping rake to level your yard. 5. If needed, use lawn roller to firm up your soil bed. 6. Spread starter fertilizer and plant the grass seed. Related Videos • How to plant your grass seed: • When to plant your grass seed: • Grass seed Tag Explanation: • What comes with your order: • Seed spreader setup:


  • AllySuckBlack is back 4 years ago

    That rock you threw hit me in the head mate! I need compensation for whiplash now.

  • HyruleKingdom 4 years ago

    what's so wrong about weeds?

  • Leo X 4 years ago

    All you people saying Roundup is poison are idiots and obviously haven't worked a day in landscaping. The active constituent is Glyphosate, which is a systemic herbicide, which means it kills a broad spectrum of plants. All it does is inhibit the plants ability to absorb nutrients – so they die. So if you have a yard full of weeds it will get rid of them, plain and simple.

    You use very little and then you till the soil before adding a new topsoil. Glyphosate is absorbed and broken down easily and gone from the environment in 50 days. Get a clue.

  • David Snyder 4 years ago

    Look's like this Guy think's like the govm't.  Opposite of reality! How to 'un-learning resources' ! obama'nation anyone?

  • JohnLothe 4 years ago

    Stopped watching as soon as he said Roundup. Don't need tips from someone who hasn't investigated the products they use.

  • Y A R 4 years ago

    This man is uneducated. ROUNDUP IS POISON TO THE ENVIRONMENT!!!!!!!!

  • theangryflutist 4 years ago

    would a tiller be able to handle small rocks in the soil? my yard has super hardened clay(like, i don't think it is clay.) soil. we have already killed all the plants and weeds.

  • Charlie Brown 4 years ago

    Please don't promote Roundup products.  They are produced by Monsanto, a criminal corporation that is bullying governments and countries around the world and changing the law in order to take over food supplies through seed 'ownership'.  It's aim is to completely dominate and control the world's food supply and production. More than 300,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since the 1990's because they were locked into contracts against their will and their livelihoods destroyed. All their animals died eating their poisonous GM sorghum treated with Roundup and the crops did not grow well enough to live on, let alone make a living, or failed some years altogether, despite claims.  These pesticides also poison the water tables, devastate soil microflora and fauna and hence soil health and plant nutrition when growing for food, as it prevents the plant properly uptaking nutrients, as do most pesticides.  There is also evidence to show that glyphosate causes illness and death in animals that consume GM products treated with Roundup, and long term organ damage over time in humans, and also been linked to cancer. These chemicals are in our water tables now and our children are drinking it, chemicals which build up in the body over time.

  • tim sims 4 years ago

    Round up is carcinogenic :)

  • Madison Waagmeester 4 years ago

    Please dont introduce roundup to your soil and atmosphere. please.

  • Carson Jensen 4 years ago

    Awesome video.  Agreed, Roundup is the best way to remove any weeds that might snow their ugly face in a freshly seeded lawn.

  • Robert Garza 4 years ago

    roundup is an known toxin , very bad advise

  • N Kel 4 years ago

    roundup…..and in 40 years someone plants tomatoes and glows in the dark after 10 pm. thats foolish, dangerous practice

  • eileenluvsdod 4 years ago

    Just fill in the bare spots or overawed

  • Duncan Halliday 4 years ago


  • Sarah Lawrence 4 years ago

    No one should use round up! Terrible for the environment.

  • Tim Litton 4 years ago

    Preparation is misspelled in the opening screen.

  • Kitty kaT Jones 4 years ago

    I love the video thank, I got answered to Q did i had :)

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