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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Learn how you can have a garden in soil you did not think was worth trying to garden in. This video will explain to you the concepts involved in the Back to Eden Film ( and how we are implementing it at J&J Acres. The concept is fairly basic – Let mother nature do what it already does, but how you want it. Have you ever stepped into the forest and noticed how soft the soil is? But then you go to garden and spend hours tilling and a lot of money fertilizing. Why do we do this when nature already has the whole process figured out! Step 1: Watch your timing! This method is not for immediate planting, you will need to let nature do its job. Plan to start 6 months or so prior to planting. Step 2: Select a site. Consider the ease of access (you will want to walk to it fairly frequently) and sunlight. Step 3: Plan out your site so you do not make it too little or to big. Step 4: Lay out sheets of news paper about 4 sheets thick. You may be able to get newspaper for free from many places or you may be able to pick up old papers cheap from the publisher themselves. We bought the old papers for convenience. We paid .00 for a bundle of 20 papers. It took 3 bundles to do the area shown in the video. Remember, you blocking out the light to the grass so it dies – so overlap the sheets by about an inch. Step 5: Lay out a “covering” over the newspaper. Do this quickly so your papers do not float away! Wood chips may be the best material, but is not […]

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