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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote John from answers a viewers questions about why many of his plants did not make it. In this episode, John specifically answers Mike’s questions about starting seeds, transplanting as well as rototilling, improving soil and so much more. After watching this episode, you will learn John thoughts on gardening and how to have a successful vegetable garden. Video Rating: / 5


  • dechinta 8 months ago

    I watched this video and you mentioned "Dirt: The Movie". It is here on YouTube. I watched it. Thank you for telling us about it! <3

  • Strychnine Animasola 8 months ago

    Im watching your video, thanks for the tips. You're fucking funny too… Regenerate your penis please. :))

  • Peace Love 8 months ago

    I wish he was a little more short and sweet.

  • Trish Davi 8 months ago

    Lots of sense John. The tomatios & herbs not rooting alongside tomatoes likely root rotted. Tomatoes like more water than tomatios that once established can get invasive

  • Ruby Saunders 8 months ago

    Thanks Mike Great Q. Thanks John Great A.

  • booty pirates 8 months ago

    I'm curious why not go from seedlings to a large pot.

  • Cathy bosarge 8 months ago

    You are So Funny!  Love it!

  • Mary Guttmann 8 months ago

    Thank you John, good info and great sense of humour!

  • Mario-Pierre Gaudreau 8 months ago

    I'm using that now.

  • Horror666Lover 8 months ago

    raised beds are for pussys

  • hellotmh1 8 months ago

    As always, LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for all you do to assist us all ❤️

  • GeorgeCF99 8 months ago

    I get the no till concept if you have good soil, but if you have crap soil like Mike, why is it bad to till? Nothing is going to grow well there anyway and will need to be rebuilt regardless. Tilling seems like the most logical option.

  • Dave Smith 8 months ago

    Love your video's..

    Are you Wranglerstar's brother..

  • Mark Cofell 8 months ago

    "Tease the roots like you would tease your hair in the 80's" lol. Funny stuff

  • Christopher Morrissey 8 months ago

    I'm a new gardener and it took me at least 3 years to build my homemade compost mixed with manure and minerals. the veggies got better each year and its now year 4 for me and it was worth the time it took. Worms are my gardens best friend. leaves, grass and food waste. help from the cows too.

  • code X 8 months ago

    should i use plastic at the bottom of my raise bed

  • Ross28645 8 months ago

    i buy a load of the cheaper potting dirt and build it up my self i dont pay 1,000 lol my dirts about 20$ a load

  • Magepalm 8 months ago

    Yeah this guy is awesome. Get some compost bins multiple ones if gore starting, and dump them out as the soil turns dark into the pile, your veg, eggshell, vs table waste, la the cattle and poultry manure, grass clippings and weed clippings from mowing all in piles to compost. The better your soil, the less the b.s.

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