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  • Ranii1000 11 months ago

    Love your channel. I knew how to propergate succulents but you have some new tips I didn't know. Can't wait to try them.

  • Happy Planet 11 months ago

    Amazing Video. Thanks for sharing it with us. New Friend here… Check out my channel when time permits and please support us back. It would mean a lot to us

  • Carol Michell 11 months ago

    Just found this Lyn. Very appropriate as I have some leggy Echeverias that need a trim and I hate to waste most of the leaves!

  • Denice Porchia 11 months ago

    Ok looking for you on fb! My fear of propagation for succulent is the reason I haven’t continued this process!
    I propagated my haworthea cacti so far it’s ok, but need to know can I use hormone growth once I cut the jade or what is best method?

  • SENDA GROUP 11 months ago

    hi guy, i want review your video on my chanel. It's translated vietnamese. Because Vietnamese like wacth succulents but we don't know English. Please!. Do you allow?

  • Great value chocolate milk 11 months ago

    Im going to Walmart to pinch the Succulent plants

  • Nikolay Bondarev 11 months ago

    I wish all your videos got this many views

  • Bonita Jukes 11 months ago

    Hello I just found your video's. Thankyou. I have just started propergating my jade plants. I will share pics with you if you want me to. Btw. Are you from Birmingham uk, ?

  • Josie Needham 11 months ago

    Hello from California. Thank you for your instructions. Love your happy voice

  • Chaz Baz 11 months ago

    I live in the UK, do you know any succulents that don't mind cold(ish) weather?

  • CANDY PRINCE 320 11 months ago

    How often should I mist or water them when they have small roots or leaflets?

  • Deborah Artworks 11 months ago

    You've got a delightful channel, that includes you with your sunny persona. Subbed you. KIndly sub back too. Thanks.

  • Sara Dobravc 11 months ago

    Do you repot your cactuses every year?i mean,should we repot them every year?

  • Plants and flowers 11 months ago

    Nice video
    New subscriber from India
    Please support me back

  • Byron Pocock 11 months ago

    Iv watched so many videos and out of about 35 leaves I have about 6 left that havent rotted what is the key eveyone says dont over water but mine been there for about a month and a half and I dont have a single root yet leaves remain green….

  • Rigo Satey 11 months ago

    Se que tendrás un invernadero más grande y aún más hermoso

  • JOVEN ELFO MG 11 months ago

    que cool broo

  • Jaqueline Snyder 11 months ago

    Gracias Jonathan.

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