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  • Have you ever tried sb invigorator? I believe it's what a lot of the Hort places use and it's not a poison as such. More a surfactant

  • Aneta eS 11 months ago

    I get rid of meally by spraying them with an alcohol. But recently I found a web on my Haworthia cooperii ;( and I wonder if it's red spider or just a regular no harm outside spider…

  • fiona grace 11 months ago

    Very informative video Shane and lovely aloes you have there!

  • Desert Plants of Avalon 11 months ago

    Such a FANTASTIC video Shane and very much needed as Mealies and red spider are the pain of us Cacti and succulent growers lives 😀 last year was the worst year for the dreaded Mealies on our plants and they were the ones that go green instead of pink when you squeeze them YUK a horrible hard to get rid of strain, I HATE Mealies with a vengeance LOL! but the bug clear you recommended has worked an absolute treat with the hard to get rid of mealies thank goodness, as the Provado stopped working as the mealies got resistant to it as I had used it for years, spider mite is a pain too and they are very selective in what plants they chose to attack and they seem to really love our Echinopsis and Lophophora cacti the most, and we only see the damage after, thanks so much for sharing Shane and Hans and I are sending you tons of love and heaps of happiness and PLANT POWER from Belfast to Kerry for a wonderful weekend XXXX <3

  • Olga's Greenland 11 months ago

    Hi Shane. Very interesting video. I don't think i have ever had red spider but meally bugs i had in several of my plants and i lost some. I am fighting with meally bugs in my Gasteria one year now. At the moment it looks ok but waiting to see in the summer what will happen. Very nice video.

  • Todd's Tropicals 11 months ago

    I had spider mites on my boswellia trees (frankincense) aphids on adeniums pretty bad so I started researching products, but they kept coming back till I started a routine spray of this product, which is all natural.

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