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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In this video I show you how to remove the dead leaves from Echeveria Succulent Plants. ★ Check out my website ★ Facebook ★ Twitter Thank you for watching, please give me a Like and I would love you to SUBSCRIBE for regular updates and take a look at my other Cacti and Succulent and nature videos to see my weird and wacky cacti and other succulent plants up close and personal. HAPPY GROWING GUY’S 🙂 Royalty Free Music Music By Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Video Rating: / 5


  • Luke Cobley 3 years ago

    Helpful thanks Lyn

  • gerard gallo 3 years ago

    What do you do with dead steams?

  • Anton Javier 3 years ago

    It was therapeutic watching those dead crispy leaves getting plucked! Almost like popping out some blackheads. A weird comparison I know, but you know what I mean, hehe!

  • Andrew's Greenhouse 3 years ago

    I have to remove leaves from mine too sometimes.

  • Cactus TV 3 years ago

    How wonderful Lyn , his Echeverias are too beautiful … congratulations on the whim .. have a great week and even more!

  • Peter Mc Guinness 3 years ago

    I think the echeverias are one of the more difficult to grow because they are so prone to rot! Great video Lyn.

  • kryptonitewhale 3 years ago

    Pulling dead leaves off of my plants is my FAVORITE thing to do, haha, so satisfying!

  • Midwest Gardener 3 years ago

    Very helpful to know when and how to do it correctly.

  • Gardening Worldwide 3 years ago

    Ahh thats what happened to my hair then hehe – lovely video Lynn as always hunny. Take care from the lovely Green Hills of Northern Ireland hehe

  • RawMadeSimple {LIVING AUTHENTIC} 3 years ago

    Hi Lynn! We love the furry cactus.

  • VSE VT 3 years ago

    Nice video! Like # 64 and subscribed! ;-)

  • 1st508th Airborne 3 years ago

    Great video Lyn 🙂 . What about Aloe Vera plants? At what point to you remove the old ones on them? When they are totally dried up? I will sometime on the longer ones cut the shriveling tips off as they dry up… is that a mistake?

  • Fran Natura 3 years ago

    Lyn voce nao precisava nem limpar suas echeverias porque elas sao incriveis ate mesmo com as folhas secas ☺ mais foi um video muito importante, obrigada por compartilhar… Beijo grande!

  • Darci Cantafio 3 years ago

    lindasssss eu ameiiiii

  • 3 years ago

    This is great info for people who are new to succulents. I know a lot of people who are new to them get worried when they see the dried leaves on the bottom. I only have Echeveria "Topsy Turvy".What's the purple one with ruffled edges on the leaves and the fuzzy one? Great stuff hun! Have a lovely garden week ahead. <3

  • Susana1024 3 years ago

    Before I watched your videos, I had maybe four succulents and since then, I have quite a few…most were cutting from last year and no names. I'm slowly finding their names and adding tags to the plants so that I can memorize their names. My adromischus cristatus is in bud and Aloe Firebird has three spikes and one is in bloom, too. They are soo pretty. I'm going to see if I can pollinate them. :)

  • cherst1031 3 years ago

    Thank you! This was very helpful! I have acquired several of these types of plants over the last few months and was not sure what to do about the dead leaves at the bottom.

  • Sebastian S 3 years ago

    I like to take the dead bits and bobs of my plants and throw them in a bin so thay can brake down. Then I'll till it into used cactus compost and maybe it will make a nice soil. Thanks I-O-E-ums and eches.

  • fiona grace 3 years ago

    Hi Lyn what is that gorgeous furry one called? I need one!! X

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