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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Hey all Just a quick video on how to rid your cacti of the horrible fake flowers. Hope it helps, any questions or tips leave me some comments. Thank you for stopping by CACTUSMAIN! Hit the subscribe button to get more cacti videos! P.O. Box= CACTUSMAIN P.O. BOX 353023 PALM COAST FL 32135-3023 If you are sending live plants/cuttings please let me know in a message or email to Some cactus growing supplies; MY GREEN HOUSE: 2 inch square pots: Garden shovel: Garden shears: Garden gloves: Osmocote: Coco coir: Video Rating: / 5


  • Wolfeboro Hoops 2 years ago

    Use peroxide on a q tip to avoid rot on that tiny spot and your good! They're amazing strong plants.

  • Wolfeboro Hoops 2 years ago

    I feel bad for the poor cactus farmers out in the boiling sun to watch over these huge plants. Only to have people insult them and act like they're pulling a fast one.
    I'm not one, but I respect them. It takes along time to produce plants like these. And when they harvest I believe they mark the babies to avoid confusion. And to let you know which color bloom to expect! 🙂 the flowers help me better know which species it is!

  • Martha Meek 2 years ago

    I know the difference in between straw and a flower I'm surprised surprised that people bileave this are real flowers

  • Martha Meek 2 years ago

    I riped a spike off NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was only one tho

  • Kole Zeppelin 2 years ago

    nice peyote on the right

  • kaitlyn parker 2 years ago

    I HATE THIS!!! Cacti have the most natural gorgeous flowers you’ll ever see. It makes me sick to see the most amazing plants with such damage. I own tons that I had to remove glue on. They have since flowered for REAL and gave an amazing show. I’m with you, I like to rescue. Thanks for the vid. Good info.

  • Rob B 2 years ago

    If I want to buy a cactus, I am likely to be buying one with a straw flower. It is so hard, there are so few cacti available, the world has gone succulent crazy! God damn the straw flower people.

  • Richard Peterson 2 years ago

    I'd like to find the asswipe that glued the flower on my cactus and shove a prickly pear cactus up his ass. I wouldn't have initially got one with this flower on it but it was the last Peruvian old man cactus on the shelf. I'll be intreasted in a method to remove this without hurting the delicate hair on the cactus.

  • Happy Slant 2 years ago

    I was duped, too! I found out my two cactuses have straw flowers glued on to them.Thanks for your video. Hopefully I can get mine off.

  • Cactus Zach 2 years ago

    I hate it when they put those dried strawflower flowers on them, it's so annoying. I've read that they do it because it's been proven to increase sales, hmm… They need to do another study on that, IMO. But I still buy the, usually mistreated, cacti and give them a good home! Thanks for the vid, some good tips. Happy Growing!!

  • S Phillips 2 years ago

    Here they make it easy … the fake flowers are on a wire that they jab into the plant … just pull it out but it leaves a needle-sized hole going into the heart of the plant .. 🙁
    I've never bought any fake-flowered cacti but they have been given to me as gifts …

  • HisDukeNess 2 years ago

    I fell for this on an Indian corn cob.. luckily it wasn't that bad, been hot here and after a rain it was stuck to two needles. Just clipped the two needles.

  • HakunaMatata 2 years ago

    Stupid Altman's still doesn't get that all of their most serious customers who buy their stuff again and again hate the glued up cactus.

  • MidoriMushrooms 2 years ago

    someone gave me a cactus today…and I didn't know people are so shitty that they pull stunts like this. I'm concerned for its health, I know literally nothing of how to care for a cactus, and I just want to remove these things to prevent damage. Will they eventually fall off on their own or should I remove them for the sake of its health?

    Also I think I have the same kinda cactus as you, like, even the stupid flowers are the same color. Any…advice…for someone with a brown thumb?

  • Kutie Yudie 2 years ago

    How long for a cactus like this to bloom ?

  • Kevin B 2 years ago

    try using a hot knife to help get a lot of the glue off just don't touch the cactus with the knife

  • Frank Wilson 2 years ago

    well, apparently I have been very lucky with my cactus. the glue appears to only be on the cactus needles. I will try to snip them off instead of pulling it.

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